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Career Counseling Assists Individuals in Diverse Ways

Study Abroad Counselling

Career Counseling must be chosen if you feel that your official process for appraisal is more a formality. It is the right time to take control of your career and go for a confidential and personalized session for Career counseling. For professional zealous to take their career to new heights, it makes more sense to take up career counseling from a competent counselor.

Career Counselling for Students assists the individuals to take a decision on the choice of career. They can offer the best possible direction to aspiring individuals. This holds good irrespective of whether the person is a fresher to work, or decides to swap careers.

The Counselors assess the clients by understanding their specifics in order to give appropriate counseling for choosing the right career. This includes interviews to determine their personality traits, underlying drive, and skills. They make a thorough analysis of the interests, personality, skills, education, and employment of the client to ensure best possible results. These details are accessed through exhaustive one-on-one sessions with the clients. The information obtained is then applied for searching relevant jobs via available resources and technology, as quoted by the Sokanu Com.

Career guidance counselors possess diverse details such as average salary for diverse fields, required skills, and requirements applicable to respective professions. Upon assessing the client for suitability, they then match them with appropriate field matching their personality and skills. They thus create a most lucrative match that is possible with respect to monetary earnings and job satisfaction.

Study Abroad Counselling

Counselors just do not match the client with a suitable profession and leave them in their journey ahead. They work along with them assisting them for right job search and locating resources to strengthen skills required for the job chosen.

A good Counselor goes beyond the way to invest time for every individual client to ensure a satisfactory and methodical result. Many counselors pursue higher learning so as to offer the most updated and advanced results to their clients. They assist their clients in carving out a niche in their professional life and having a successful career.

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Career Counseling – a Gateway to Successful, Happier and Fulfilling Work Life

Career Counselling for Students

In the age of competition getting tougher with each day, professionals are at times caught in a tumult and require direction in their mid-career. At this juncture, Study Abroad Counselling can open a gateway to successful, happier and fulfilling work life.

Professionals at mid-career have sufficient experience in their work life. They possess diverse skills, abilities, and are matured as individuals. Career counselor plans a smooth transition at their current career levels based on their abilities, skills, unique personality as well as network. They can thus be led to a targeted and fulfilling work life where the process of growth can be re-started.

Corporate professionals are always required to upgrade themselves and be prepared to take up leadership roles and higher responsibilities. Having right attitude, being consistent, and putting persistent efforts for achieving goals is very crucial for these professionals. To enable the corporate professionals to develop themselves they also need to be equipped with diverse communication aspects and soft skills.

Career Counselling for Students and professionals enable facing mid-career challenges to enhance productivity and allaying fears of job insecurity and stagnation. They facilitate to revive enthusiasm and zest in you by aligning your past experience and personality with amazing opportunities for the future.

Mid-career is a change over phase for professionals that help them to comprehend themselves and build dreams for their next career innings. They can avail service of Career Counseling to engage past experiences, networks, and affiliations channelizing them for career growth. This is done by:

  • Understanding and identifying your core strengths
  • Reshape your career systematically via transition process
  • Eliminating confusion and helping you take confident proactive decisions
  • Utilize your past experience and current skills to achieve amazing success in your second career

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Primer to Studying in Australia

Australia Study Visa

Australia has become one of the most popular study destinations in the world in the late 20th century. It may fall behind the United States in numbers, but it can compete with the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany Franc and other such developed nations.

People want to Study in Australia, as it offers a great quality of life, excellent infrastructure in educational institutions, high quality of teaching, research, multicultural society and so on.

Earlier, the country Down Under offered different types of visas for students wanting to study on its shores. But from 1 July 2016, the country’s government has mandated that international students wanting study in Australia in a full-time course at a recognised university college must apply for a Student Visa (subclass 500). It also implemented a new framework, known as SSVF (simplified student visa framework), to evaluate student visa applications.

If visa applicants come from a country where the native language is not English, they need to pass a PTE or an IELTS exam with a minimum score as stipulated by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), immigration authority of Australia. In addition, they should evidence that they can take care of themselves while studying and living in Australia.

Before applying for an Australia Study Visa, they must ensure that they have been enrolled in an educational institution of the country. They should show the CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) if they have applied from outside of Australia. This is necessary for all types of study.

They should also be in good health. For this, they need to undergo various health tests. They must also meet character requirements. For this, they need to produce a certificate from their home country’s police to show that they have not been charged with any criminal behaviour. Finally, they should have health insurance that is adequate to meet any contingencies they might have to face while they are in Australia. This means that they should get an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover).

Another major requirement is the GTE (genuine temporary entrant). It has been introduced to ascertain that a person applying for the Australia student visa is arriving in the country with the sole intention of pursuing studies and not as a route to becoming a permanent resident of the country. All student visa applicants need to obtain the GTE requirement.

The visa applicants need to provide proof of the current academic qualifications or of existing or most recent jobs held.

For applicants under the age of 18 years of age, evidence should be shown of accommodation and other provisional arrangements made by the people sending them.

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On a Tour to US – the World’s Largest Economy

American Visa Application

The United States is one of most visited countries in the world for various reasons. Some go there to work, some go to attend conferences, seminars or other business meetings – as all top companies in the world will have a major office there -, some go there on vacation, and so on.

If you want to Apply for an American Visa on leisure, you would have to apply for a US tourist visa.

If you are unaware of how to get an USA visa, here are some basic steps. Visit its Embassy in India in New Delhi or its consulates in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. One has to download or physically procure a DS-160 visa form. It should be signed and a passport size photo needs to be given along when submitting it.

When filling up an American Visa Application, there is no need to show confirmed flight tickets.

Following that, the applicants will be called for an interview at the Embassy or consulates’, depending upon whichever is closer to them. In the interview, the immigration officials ask for an invitation letter (it is required for certain categories of visitors), reasons for the visit, how the prospective visitors will fund their trips and how long they plan to stay within that country. If the immigration officials are satisfied, applicants get a nod there right away. Even if it is rejected, they tell the applicants then and there.

If the interview was successful, the applicant will receive the passport with the visa stamped on it in around two working days. Visitor Visa Processing for USA is, therefore, quick.

America has tourist attraction of various types, you can visit the big cities and head to the theatres, museums, art galleries, cafes, restaurants of almost all world cuisines (in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago); you can head to the magnificent Niagara Falls – a naturally marvelous and breathtaking location; Hollywood, if you want to see how films are being shot or if you like spotting stars; Las Vegas, if you are a gamer and are not risk-averse, and also for its nightlife by spending time at pubs, dancing joints and so on; Hawaii islands, California or Florida, if you are beach person; and head to New Orleans if you are jazz buff and while in that city explore its French Quarters.

In addition, there is the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National park, Salt Lake, where one can only float but not drown, Yosemite National Park which affords great scenery, etc.

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UK Tier 4 General Student Visa Interview Process Documents

UK Student Visa

The UK Tier 4 General student Visa Application Process & documents include:

  • Valid passport with any earlier issued passports if applicable
  • Recent passport size photo – 45mmx 35mm
  • Printout of signed application
  • Reference application number of GWF
  • Demand draft if paid at bank
  • Official documents for financial sponsorship if applicable
  • Photocopies and originals of identity, education and address proof
  • Test report for TB from a clinic or hospital approved by UK High Commission
  • Biometric details

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How Indian professionals should apply to work in Australia

Australia Work Permit VisaMany Indians have been going to Australia for the last two decades and many of them have made a mark for themselves there. The reason being it is a multicultural country with any number of job opportunities in conventional as well as new economy sectors. Though lagging behind the United States and the United Kingdom, it grew stealthily in stature so much so that it was one of the few developed nations not to be troubled by any recessions in the last twenty-five years.

Let us have a look at Australia Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens. It welcomes a lot of Indian citizens with skills in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.

Though in the last one or two years it has become strict on immigration rules, it allows international workers, particularly skilled ones, to work on short-term visas. If they manage to impress their employers in Oz, they could become eligible to gain permanent residencies there.

On 18 April 2017, Prime Minister of Australia decided to scrap the 457 work visa and replaced it with two TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) visas. Those who had applied for 457 visas quite a few years ago would still be unaffected as they will be in place until March 2018. But new applicants of work visas in Australia will have to apply for the new two TSS visas. In addition, the country has also made English proficiency a must, work experience of applicants should have been at least of two years, and they should not be aged more than 45.

Skilled independent visa is a category of work permit issued to people who can show that they have the required skills and qualifications unneeded for a particular occupation listed under the SOL (Skilled Occupation List).

For this work permit, one does not need that the employee is sponsored by the employer because it is given to people who fill skills that are in short supply in Australia. Applicants need to make use of SkillSelect tool and to know about Expression of Interest (EOI).

Skilled nominated visa is work visa of the permanent type issued to those whom Australia feels will benefit its economy. Here, however, eligibility for this visa is that they need to be sponsored by the employer.

Employer nomination scheme too is a permanent work visa that will be granted to international workers who need to be sponsored by employers. The objective of this visa is to strengthen globally Australia’s competitiveness, besides plugging the gaps in the skills shortages in Oz.

Working holiday visa is a special type of Australia Work Permit Visa which is only offered to people aging between 18 and 30 and is from countries with which Australia has a mutual agreement. With this visa, individuals are, however, eligible to take up a job only for one year.

For all the above visas, the documents applicants must have ready are passport with validity at least six months, job offer letter, two recent photographs, health and travel insurance, proof of dependents for those who it applicable for, certificate of good conduct, proof of English language proficiency, personal character assessment (Form 80), bio-data and educational qualifications certificates.

To apply for a work visa, applicants must identify the work visa category depending upon the job offer, evidence showing that applicants satisfy the points-based assessment requirements, the employers should have completed the nomination/sponsorship form before applicants can apply for visas, applicants must fill the application forms of the chosen visa category, they should submit appropriate information and other documents that prop up their work visa applications, they should have paid the visa application fees in order for their visas to be processed.

As the Australian work visa processing time is 8-10 weeks, it is suggested that applications are submitted as early as possible. Australian working visa costs vary from one category to another.

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Tips for Seeking Best Career Counselling in Chennai

Career Consultant

Chennai, the quintessential city of South India, besides being India’s fourth largest city, is one of the top industrial centres of India. Apart from giving Bengaluru run for its money in IT sector, it is also an automobile hub. This is because Royal Enfield, MRF, Hyundai, Ford, Ashok Leyland, etc. have their major operations here. In addition, it was the original headquarters Cognizant, the IT major, as well as Polaris.

Though dubbed unfairly as a conservative city, in actuality it is a vibrant city with people of different languages living here since times immemorial. It also houses many top educational institutions such as the Indian Information technology, Anna University, University of Madras and so on.

With such an infrastructure and so many other institutions of repute, it naturally is a home to millions of professionals who are looking forward to go abroad to seek better careers. The citizens of this historic city do not need to worry, as Y-Axis, a very prominent Career Consultant, operates two of its offices here. One is in Adyar and the other in Chetpet.