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The diverse advantages of opting for a career counselling

Career Counselling

The aim of Career Counselling is to facilitate students to acquire the ability to make informed decisions regarding the choices for their education and careers. The decision so made must be in harmony with the interest, values and personal goals of the students. It should also result in opting for a thriving career and rewarding academic work in their stream of study.

Choosing for career counselling in Hyderabad can be opt for diverse reasons. This includes deciding on a graduate school, pertaining to the field of study specialization, or transforming crucial career path.

In case you are not enjoying your work and unhappy about the career, it is high time to detect the reasons for this. Career counseling in Hyderabad has been opted for by several students and individuals for varied reasons.

Below is the exhaustive list of tools and guides that you can look forward to from an excellent Career Guidance:

Career Test of 15 minute

  • Assessment of core skills
  • Identification of crucial career concerns
  • Learn Innovative methods for career growth

3 steps for a flourishing interview

  • Discover art of sharing your story in a convincing manner
  • Identify 3 aspects for winning an interview
  • Post-interview follow-up strategies

Ten best methods for salary negotiation

  • Learn ten tips for optimizing pay package negotiations
  • Obtain a high pay package
  • Ensure securing best take home pay package

Coping up with pink slips

  • Discover enhancing emotional quotient for a better life
  • Learn the art being motivated and obtaining rewarding jobs
  • Utilize networking for obtaining the hottest jobs

Resumes that secure jobs

  • Effective and crisp tips for writing resumes
  • Targeting resumes for diverse positions
  • Learn the art of commanding attention of the competitive job market

Excellent career counselors are specifically trained and experienced to facilitate your career success both in terms of persona and finances. Availing online career counsellors in Hyderabad assist you to achieve career goals and amplify your chances of optimizing your skills and talents. Accredited career coach must be always chosen as they work in person with you and utilize tested tools and techniques to assist you in making the best career move.

Choosing online Career Advisor and consultant is being increased by students and individuals as it equips them with diverse forte. This includes but not limited to:

  • Ability to independently explore education and job options
  • Investigate career and academic choices
  • Decision-making ability for crucial career prospects
  • Developing concrete steps for education and career goals
  • Participate in experiential learning prospects
  • Ability to formulate job strategies

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Experiencing New Zealand as Students

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is gaining popularity among international student community for its world class educational facilities, low tuition fees and attractive lifestyle.

If you want to Study in New Zealand for more than three months, then you need to apply for a student visa.  If they are enrolling for a full-time course – exceeding 20 hours per week, students need to apply through INZ (Immigration New Zealand) for a visa.

Before all of this, people have to apply for a college or a university of their choice. Here, academic qualifications along with their proficiency in English language matter when the institutions consider if a student could be admitted or not.

They should also undergo medical examinations to prove they are healthy and need to get a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).

Taking help of migration experts is recommended; as they can help you navigate through documentation and assist you in other ways. In this context, you could take the help of Y-Axis, an Immigration Consultancy of very high standing.

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Student Visa Interview Tips for F-1 Visa


Visa Interview TipsOverseas students who intend to study in the US are required to persuade the Government of the US to offer them the Student Visa F-1 in order to be able to carry out their higher studies in the nation.

After sailing through the cumbersome application process for F-1 Student Visa, students are required to appear for a visa interview in the English language. It can really be tough for students who use English as the second language.

Students will also be required to answer particular questions that divulge details of the stay and study plans in the US.

Student Visa Interview Tips for aspiring F-1 visa candidates are that their questions will be pertaining to below five categories:

  • Study plans
  • University choice
  • Academic capability
  • Financial status
  • Post graduation plans

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Brief introduction to EB-5 visa


Eligible for EB-5 visas are applicants who are ready to invest $1million or $500,000 in a new business in the US in a ‘target employment area’. The business could be owned by two people also jointly.

Before one makes an investment, the entrepreneur should show sources from where he/she has procured all the capital. It is also necessary that it should been acquired legally. With EB-5 visa, people and their immediate families can become PRs (Permanent Residents) of the US. Children below the age of 21 years are also eligible to be included in the application for EB-5 Visa.

The processing time of the EB-5 visa usually takes around one year. After the investment is made in a business, it is incumbent on the investor to create 10 full-time jobs, either directly or indirectly.

It is not mandatory that the investor needs to be involved in daily operations of the company, but that individual must hold a key position in that company.

If you are looking to apply for investor visa, get in touch with Y-Axis, a company which has reliable Immigration Agents to help you with all the processes.

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Documents Required for US Visa Application

Visa Application Process

The below documents are required for the US Visa application and Interview process:

  • Letter of Appointment – The NVC letter of interview appointment that was sent to you.
  • Passport – A valid passport that has validity for 6 months beyond the date of arrival to the US for each applicant.
  • Photographs – Two similar color photographs as per the photograph requirements for each applicant.
  • Results of Medical Tests – Unopened envelopes of Medical tests have to be submitted for each applicant if in case the panel of physicians has given the results of medical tests in sealed envelopes.
  • Original and Supporting Documents – Original documents or certified copies and a Xerox copy of each document are required for each applicant including family members. The visa application and all other documents are sent to the US Consulate or Embassy prior to the interview.

It is mandatory that the applicant carries all these documents for the US Visa Application and Interview Process.

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How to pursue studies in Canada

Study in Canada

There are a lot of options to study in Canada. One can enroll in a short-term course or in full-time graduate/post-graduate programs from one of the recognized universities or colleges of the country.

Canada Student Visa is referred to as Canadian study permit with which people can pursue their education in programs that last for over six months. For courses lasting up to six months, Canadian study permit is not necessary.

One can apply for Canadian study permit both online and through a paper application. These can be downloaded from the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website.

To apply for a Canadian study permit, one must have received a letter of acceptance in the standard format from a recognized educational institution. On the other hand, students applying in the province of Quebec need to additionally apply for a CAQ, Quebec’s certificate of acceptance, issued by the government of Quebec. Without any of these, you cannot apply for a study permit.

After this process has been completed, one must apply for the package of Canadian student visa application. To get it, students must answer some questions posed to them about themselves. Depending on the answers, it would be decided if applicants are eligible to apply for Canadian student permit and the documents that they need to show.

Eligible applicants will receive a personal checklist code, with a validity of 60 days, during which they would need to submit their application online. Included in the page will be an application guide, estimated tuition fees they would be required to pay,  the documents they would need to submit along with their application would also be specified. Once the Canada Student Visa Requirements are met, they can get their documents and application forms ready and pay their fees.

The students will then have to attend an interview at the visa office. Once Canadian student visa application is approved, applicants will receive a letter of introduction. Students from certain countries would need eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which will be linked to their passports.

Students have the opportunity of working part-time to support themselves while they pursue their education in Canada. They are allowed to work within or outside the campus for up to 20 hours a week when the semesters are on and for full full-time during their vacations. They do not need a work permit to be employed.

Eligible for working are only full-time students, including those pursuing vocational programs or professional training which last at least six months.

Students should apply for a SIN (Social Insurance Number) from Service Canada to be eligible to work in Canada, in addition, to get benefits and services from programs of the government.

Student permits are no longer valid 90 days after students have completed their study programs. These students would, therefore, need to apply for a post-graduation work permit if they want to remain in Canada after they have completed their studies and to apply for work during that time. The validity of work permit is three years.

It is advised that prospective students seek the help of accredited agents for Immigration Help, as it is an extensive and a long-winded process.

The district with the most lenient policies for settlers is Canada. Consistently the Government clears a path for 200,000 expats every year. One key viewpoint that attracts people from all strolls existence with a pack brimming with stipends with the best of offices helping new transients to get by in the nation.

If anyone is looking to migrate to study in Canada, get in touch with Y-Axis, a prominent consultancy company for immigration, to apply for a visa.


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Immigration programs to Canada are always worthwhile

Canada Express Entry Visa

The county with the most lenient policies for immigrants is Canada. Every year the Government makes way for 200,000 expats each year. One key aspect that attracts people from all walks life with a bag full of allowances with the best of facilities helping new migrants to survive in the country.

To be specific, children of the expats can enjoy top class educational systems and good medical facilities. A perfect place for a healthy lifestyle is Canada. These are just a few key features that make Canada the most preferred destination for skilled workers and investors as well.

With plenty of opportunities the Government of Canada has made a faster processing method to bring in skilled talent called the Canada Express Entry. Moreover this is a point’s based evaluation. If your age, education, experience, language, experience, employment type, lastly adaptability into new circumstances. If these skills meet the eligibility you get to opt from the key four express entry programs.

  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Experience Class of Canada

Canada Express Entry Services is like a fortune for the expats that make it through the application process. Fast applications processes, more over the quality of people that make it to Canada are filtered from a pool. The decisions are let out as soon as possible.

The Express Entry Program encourages business expats and entrepreneurs as well. Moreover the fees have to be paid after the application is picked from the pool. In case the application is rejected the applicant can immediately re-apply the following year.

Applications with good comprehensive score will receive higher ranks. The Canada immigration consultants will provide you with complete information related to academic qualifications required, language skills, work experience, and a few more documents. The fact is if all these documents are acquired and aligned in a proper sequence order it will be highly regarded. A Spouse support will be an added advantage to acquire a Canadian Express Entry.

To be specific people located in Ahmedabad can always rely on Canadian Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad. Counseling will support you through and you will feel rejuvenated to face any test or challenge ahead of you while you go through this rigorous process.

If you are looking for immigration and visa consulting, contact Y-Axis the world’s best and trusted overseas consultant to do the needful.