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Top Transforming Trends in Overseas Education Scenario for 2018

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The British Council has revealed in its report for overseas education regarding the top transforming trends in overseas education scenario. These will have a considerable impact on the future of globalization of higher education. The report focuses on changing demographics, labor market demands and other aspects that will influence the globalization of higher education. It is of great value to stakeholders in the overseas education sector including Overseas Education Consultants in Chennai.

Changing worldwide demographics:

Enhancing life expectancy and decreasing rates of fertility are impacting the global demographics. These two factors are resulting in declining population of youth in the age range 24 – 15 years. It has been projected by the BRITISH COUNCIL that only Africa will have continuous growth of youth population till 2025.

Multi-sector interfacing:

Employers are facing challenges in recruitment of highly educated Graduates who possess industry-ready skills. Thus there is demand for enhanced interfacing between the higher education sector and the industry. This can be through creative collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives. Virtual Global Internships are the latest evolution of this demand.

Education technology:

The report of the British Council focuses in two ways on the significance of education technology. The first is digital learning and the second is its influence on administration, learning, and teaching. Technology is transforming and integrating the way the world operates. Higher education must also synchronize with this and facilitate Global Higher Education.

Specific skills in demand:

The workplace is predicted to transform dramatically owing to future automation. This will bring along with its need for specific skills that are workplace ready. Institutions of higher education will have to lead these changes. It will ensure that graduates obtain suitable transferable and workplace-ready skills.

Brand and value of overseas education:

Students seeking overseas education are considering more aspects beyond reputation, ranking, and brand of the institution. In the process of student’s choice, the quality and value of an institution have become more important. This includes student experience, career prospects, and costs, claims the British Council report.

Importance of student experience:

Overseas students are seeking a high quality of study experiences. This includes forthcoming ambiance on campus, student accommodations, and valuable, accessible career services. Intuitions of higher education will continue to give importance to create and nurture quality experiences for students. This will help them to retain the overseas students, as quoted by the EAIE ORG.

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Why are increasing numbers of Indians choosing to study abroad?

Study Abroad

Every year increasing numbers of Indians are choosing to study abroad. It is not just the attraction of open culture that is the appealing factor. Several reasons are behind this emerging trend of overseas studies. The battle for survival becomes competitive and hideous as cultures are mixing and economies are getting interdependent.

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More than 4 lakh students travel overseas every year from India to pursue their higher education. Since 2013, there has been a 40% increase in the numbers of undergraduate students in India seeking overseas education.

Below are a few reasons why increasing numbers of Indians are choosing to study abroad:

Inadequate quality Programs:

The education system in India does not have courses for subjects that are chosen by a few. Even if they exist, these courses are neglected by the universities or are not accredited by national and international experts as being worthy. For instance, in Humanities and Social Sciences, there are very fewer programs with extensive study. They are also not even offered by many universities or colleges.

Least support for research:

Students in India are discouraged by lack of financial support and infrastructural facilities for research. Meanwhile, governments and universities abroad offer required funds and scholarships for research. They also offer necessary facilities and reward the exceptional talents. This encourages students to opt for overseas studies in pursuit of a research career.

Lack of accredited institutions:

Though India is a home to renowned institutes such as IIT, IISC, and AIIMS that offer excellent infrastructure and education, these are very few. Thus many students are choosing to study abroad as seats get exhausted at these premier institutions.

Importance to overseas degree:

Firms and organizations in India prefer candidates who have obtained a degree from an overseas institution. Thus overseas studies enhance the chances to get the desired job, as quoted by the Edugorilla.

Forthcoming ambiance overseas:

Overseas universities such as in Canada are forthcoming to welcome students from diverse cultural backgrounds. They also offer assistance and scholarships to ease the financial burden of the students.

In the recent years, education fairs have become very popular amongst overseas education consultants in Delhi, overseas universities and other allied firms.

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Key Requirements for Australia PR Visa

Permanent Resident Visa Australia

Australia determines the eligibility of Permanent Resident Visa Australia through a system based on points. You are allotted points for crucial selection factors. These include education, work experience, language proficiency and age.

The major requirements for Australia permanent resident visa are:

  • Educational documents
  • Character and health requirements
  • Valid travel documents such as passport
  • Test result in English proficiency – IELTS
  • Report for assessment of skills by appropriate assessing body
  • Choosing the right visa category for applying to the Australia PR
  • Selection of occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List

You must apply in the points-based system in Australia after all above requirements are satisfied. It is required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the digital SkillSelect system. All your key profile details must be offered. Your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for PR visa will be boosted by high scores of points.

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USA Visitor Visa Documents and Application Procedure

USA Visitor Visa Documents

USA Visitor Visa is a non-immigrant visa granted to people visiting the country for a short duration for leisure, to meet family or friends or to get treated medically. Even people visiting the US on a short-term to partake in commercial activities would also have to apply for the same. Visitor visas, or tourist visas, are of two types — B1 and B2. People in the first category are granted B-2 visas and those of the second category should for B-1 visas.

With either of these visas, individuals can stay in America for only up to six months, subject to the approval of the US authorities. Some people can get an extension for another six months, which depends on the discretion of the immigration officials.

To qualify for a US visa, individuals must have a passport. They have to fill up an application form, pay its fee and attend the interview for visitor visa at the US Embassy or Consulate, whichever is closer to them in their home country.

Form DS 160 is the visitor visa application which must be filled in completely. After its submission, individuals will receive a confirmation in the form of a 10-digit barcode. It needs to be kept carefully as it has to be presented at the visa interview.

*After paying the fees, applicants must schedule two appointments to get the visitor visa processed. In the first appointment, applicants would have to give their biometric information, which would be through fingerprints and a digital photograph. The second appointment would be at a Consulate or the Embassy for a face to face interview with the immigration officials.

The main objective of the visa interview is to see that all information and documents are genuine and that applicants could be considered eligible for being granted the visa.

USA Visitor Visa Documents that applicants must present include an original passport with a validity of six months after the scheduled arrival date in the USA, people having old passports must carry them too, one digital and one hard copy of a passport-sized photograph are required, DS160 Visa Application confirmation pages stamped at the VAC (Visa Application Center), proof of payment of visa application fees (a receipt) and a copy of the interview appointment letter for USA.

Along with these, applicants should also carry supporting documents such as character certificate from local police station, bank documents to prove that they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves in the US and proof of employment or details of business, if working for self in their home country, to prove that they intend to return home after their visa expires.

Of course, it is better if people carry along with their social security documents, business cards and health insurance to cover in case they fall ill during their stay in USA.

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The Requirements and Process for Germany Student Visa

Germany Student Visa

Overseas students who have obtained admission at a German university must first check if they need to apply for Student Visa for Germany. Students from many nations are exempted from the Germany Study Visa and they need only a residence permit. In case you do need the visa you must apply at the earliest. The reason is that the visa processing takes a couple of months.

Students from the EU who intend to study in Germany do not need a student visa before arriving in Germany. These nations include Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and Norway.

You will need a Germany student visa if you are not from exempted nationalities for a study visa. The local German Consulate or Embassy must be contacted for applying to the study visa for Germany. You must apply at least 90 days in advance for the German student visa.

The documents that will be required for the study visa to Germany are:

  • Two photographs
  • Valid passport or travel documents
  • Transcripts of the academic credentials
  • Fully furnished study visa application form
  • Acceptance letter from a university in Germany
  • Certificate demonstrating that you have procured health insurance
  • Declaration of authenticity of documents that have been furnished
  • Evidence for ability to support monetarily during the stay in Germany (around 8, 700 € every year)
  • German language proficiency certificate. You can alternatively give proof that you intend to attend German language course

Based on the German Embassy you may also need evidence of not having a criminal record. By depositing security amount in the blocked account you can give evidence for adequate funds. You cannot withdraw money until you arrive in Germany from this account. It is one of the ways to prove that you possess sufficient funds to study in Germany, as quoted by the Top universities.

You must apply for a National Visa if you intend to study in Germany for more than 3 months. You must not choose the Schengen visa in this case. This is because it permits your stay only for 3 months in Germany. Apart from your study visa, you will also need the residence permit on arrival to Germany.

It is legally authorized to work in Germany with the study visa. However, the numbers of days of work are restricted. It is 240 half days or 120 full days annually.

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Study in the Land of Kangaroos

Student Visa for Australia

Availing the Study Visa for Australia is a great way to gain new skills while experiencing the unique lifestyle in the Land of Kangaroos. The nation has world-class universities with colleges offering practical vocational training. There are also outstanding schools in the English language to assist overseas students.

You must seek the Study Visa for Australia if you intend to stay in Australia for a long duration of time. You can apply for a student visa for Australia by choosing:

  • English courses such as Cambridge, IELTS preparation, General English etc
  • University courses such as Graduate degree, Post-graduate degree or Doctoral degree
  • Vocational courses such as Hospitalities, Sport & Fitness, Tourism, Marketing, and Business

The Requirements of an Australia Student Visa are:

  • Enrolment Confirmation – COE
  • Genuine Provisional Entrant – GTE
  • Monetary requirements
  • Requirement for proficiency in English
  • Health requirement as per Australian standards
  • Character Requirement
  • Health Cover for Overseas Student – OSHC

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The Pathway to Obtain the UK Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa for UK

Qualifying Requirements for Spouse Visa UK – In order to submit the application for the UK visa for your spouse you must satisfy the below requirements.


  • The partners both applicant and sponsor must be minimum 18 years old
  • Both must be married and the marriage must hold good as per the laws in the UK. If unmarried they must be residing together in a relationship similar to marriage for minimum 24 months
  • Marriage must be authentic and surviving
  • Both the partners must have met

Financial Requirement:

  • You must demonstrate that you satisfy a threshold income level or savings at disposal. In case the application is made from outside the UK, then only the income of the sponsoring UK national will be considered.
  • Joint income will be considered only if the application is made from within the UK. Minimum annual income level as of now is 18, 600 that rises if you have kids.
  • On the other hand or apart from income, savings can be utilized to satisfy the requirement.
  • Applicants who cannot fulfill the financial requirement must not apply for the UK Spouse Visa.

English Language Requirement for Spouse Visa for the UK

The applicant must prove that they possess a minimum proficiency in the English language. This requirement can be met by the nationality, having a degree with English instruction or via an accredited test for the English language. You cannot apply for the spouse visa of the UK if you do not satisfy this requirement, as quoted by the Skillclear Co UK.

If you are residing in the UK through a visitor visa or any another visa that has validity less than 6 months then you are normally expected to first leave the UK. You must then submit your UK visa application for the spouse from your home nation.

Indefinite Leave to Remain for partner visa holders in the UK

After residing in the UK for five years through the Spouse visa, you must be able to apply for indistinct Leave to Reside including for your children. It is also known as Permanent Residence. *Candidates who have submitted the application for the Spouse visa before April 2012 can be eligible for PR after residing for 24 months in the UK.

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