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U.K work permits a boon for skilled workers: Y-Axis


The best places to work are absolutely the best places to start especially with the UK being the best choice. The companies that are on the best companies index score attract skilled workers from all across the Globe. UK’s high-quality environment, social engagement, personal security adds to the factors why the UK is the best option.

To be specific the Work life balance, Housing, Income, and Health-status are the key dimensions which have attracted people to enhance social connections with the UK. The points based immigration system has taken over the traditional UK Work Permit Visa scheme.

Before an employer intends to heir skilled work force, the employer has to be certified and recognized. An employer sponsorship license validates the process and enables the employer to go ahead and seek for skilled immigrants outside the UK. The license would also certify for visa extensions for the ones already existing.

The Tier-2 work permit visa is applied by the employer to hire employees outside the UK. The employers initially need to show that the current position was first opted by the local and then after all the procedures could not meet the eligibility thus looking for alternate options to fill the job vacancy.

There are basically four visa categories for the Tier 2 Visas:

  • A Skilled worker visa this visa enables an employee to work on a temporary basis to fill a gap
  • An Intra-Company transfer is for those who are internally relocated to U.K from any other location
  • Sports People this is for athletes and other sports related professionals. Who have the sponsorship from a sporting team or even a sports club
  • Ministry of Religion is for those with a religious purpose who intend to contribute work or to serve an organization or be a part of it such as a religious school or even a monastery

The tier 2 visa for UK enables an applicant to visit the UK for a period of 3 years approximately and then the visa would be extended for 2 years, after staying for 5 years in the UK. Applying for a permanent residency will never be a problem.

 Key Requirements:

  • A points based immigration system is the core foundation for the Tier 2 visa.
  • The applicant needs to possess a Degree qualification with English as a medium.
  • English language ability is mandatory a minimum band score of 5 on an IELTS is needed. This test evaluates the ability to Speak Read Listen & Write in English.
  • The applicant must score 70 points in order to be issued the UK permit visa.
  • An Intra-company visa applicant need not pass through the eligibility test if they extend to stay for 3 years. The employee should have completed a stay with the company for 6 months before moving to the UK.
  • Proof of funds needed to settle in the UK despite applying for a work permit is prominent.
  • A Certificate of Sponsorship is mandate to be possessed by the applicant before applying for the visa this will be issued by the employer if the job is listed on the Shortage occupation list.
  • The key to all the above factors is the earnings prospective by the applicant after they make it to the UK.

The applying should happen 3 months prior to the date of working in the UK. The result will be let out in 3 weeks from the date of the application being received. A visa fee depends on the country of origin and the type of Tier 2 Visa being applied.

The most prominent clause is to make sure that the certificate of sponsorship has the begin date of stay and the last day of stay. The total stay can be up to 5 years which includes a 3-year visa, additionally a 2-year extension. After the extension, the applicant can avail another 1 year to 5-year visa extension. After the minimum stay of 5 years is successfully complete the applicant can avail the opportunity for a UK Permanent resident visa. The best benefit is experienced by the dependents of the UK Tier 2 Work Permit Visa reason being there are no restrictions to work or even get into self-employment.

Every need is different; every country has its own credibility and eligibility. All you will need is someone to listen to you and then implement the best solution successfully in processing the application. Y-Axis understands your circumstance and will implement the most convenient solution to your earnest request.

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