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Prerequisites for getting Canada work visa: Y-Axis

Canada Work Visa

Canada is a country which attracts workers by the thousands every year. The reasons are manifold. The world’s eleventh largest economy provides a high quality of life, freedom, peaceful living conditions, affordable housing, any number of opportunities in the service sector, predominantly English-speaking population and so on.

In addition, the traditionally most sought after countries, which were the United States and the United Kingdom, are facing internal crises. Lot of competition and high density of populations have also increased the costs of living in these countries. In fact, it has the most liberal immigration policies for any country in the world currently. It has a dynamic leader in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose proactive and migrant-friendly approach is being noticed by all the prominent leaders of the world, including Donald Trump.

Canada Work Visa, also known as Canada work permit, allows migrants from other countries to enter this North American country to work and reside there temporarily or permanently, depending on the qualifications, experience and the country of the origin of the individuals.

There are various work visa categories that this country offers. Under the Temporary Workers Program, the categories are: Work Permit LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment based, Student Permit and Working Holiday.

For Canada work permit visa, an individual need not have to qualify for the point system. Using this particular visa, thousands of overseas workers enter Canada to work there temporarily. To be eligible to work in Canada for a short term, the visa applicant must bag an employment contract or get an offer of employment from a Canadian employer and a favourable LMIA from HSRDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada). Certain jobs, however, do not require LMIAs. Know the Canada work visa requirements if you are not aware of.

Besides the two eligibilities mentioned for these visas, the other requirements are that the employer must file with HSRDC application showing evidence that there is a requirement of a foreign employee and it is not possible to find a suitable candidate who is either a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

If the HSRDC finds that the employer is justified in seeking a foreign employee, the process can be initiated by the latter.

It is also necessary for the immigration officer to be convinced that the individual arriving on a temporary work permit will leave Canada after his/her employment period is over.

Applicants must provide evidence that they are financially endowed to support themselves and their families and would not need financial assistance from the government of Canada.

The applicants should not have any criminal records against their names and must be willing to abide by all Canadian laws.

They should not be suffering from any major health issues.

They should not have been employed in Canada for one or more stints accounting totally for four years prior to their application.

With a Canada Work Permit Eligibility, you will be allowed to bring your close family members to stay with you and they can work or study in Canada.

This temporary work permit is valid for four years of stay in Canada.

With a work permit, you are allowed to apply for permanent residency.

In case an individual has completed four years of employment as a temporary overseas worker in Canada, that person will not be allowed to work in this North American country once again. Such individuals can apply after a hiatus of four years duration.

The processing time of this visa depends on the country of origin of the individual and the country and time of processing.

Some immigration consultancy companies offer overseas career placement services. Check for the same in your home country.

Under permanent workers, there are three categories: Trade Skilled workers, Federal Skilled workers and Live in Care Givers

Immigrants who are Skilled Workers are chosen depending on their ability to settle in Canada and if they contribute substantially to the Canadian economy. The skills needed to be possessed by the immigrants are dependent on their work experience, education, language proficiency in either English or French.

The Federal Skilled workers program has under it certain sub-categories.

They are Federal skilled workers program – eligible for which are applicants with skilled work experience in a field which is considered professional.

Eligible for Canadian Experience Class are individuals who have experience of in-Canada skilled professional work.

Eligible for Federal Skilled Trades Program are individual with having skilled manual work experience.

In January 2015, Canada launched an Express Entry System which laid down rules as to how talented migrants could apply for immigrating to Canada. In this system, an individual applies by filling the online profile form, where the language test scores are included along with work experience and Educational Credential Assessment. No fee is charged for people filling and submitting the profile under Express Entry. All the applications sent through this system will be processed within six months.

Aspiring immigrants can apply for Provincial nominees program if they have received a nomination from a territory or province in Canada as per the agreement with the Canadian government. An applicant is eligible to directly apply to a territory or province for being considered under its PNP (Provincial Nominee Program).

A provincial nominee must take a language test when applying for a low-skilled job and under Express Entry when the application is for a managerial job, technical job, skilled trade job or professional job. The application for these jobs must be sent in two phases. After you have applied to the province or territory where you want to work in, the application is evaluated by the province for two clauses, the immigration requirements of the place and if the applicant is really keen on residing there.

If you are nominated by a province, you would be required to apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent residence. The application will be evaluated by the CIC officer as per Canadian rules.

This process entails the applicant to pass a medical examination and procure a police verification certificate.

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