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Students can now influence their future with a UK study visa: Y-Axis

UK Student Visa

The UK offers a range of handy advantages for students whose degrees are recognized worldwide. Besides offering world-class teaching mediums and facilities which are a grooming ground to prepare students for the global workplace. The primary reason the UK is renowned is that the duration of the courses is lesser compared to any other and which has a reduction in the fees and accommodation costs as well.

There are certain selected cities in the UK which have an extremely strong representation of universities; typically the cities cater to students who make it to the UK from various parts of the world. Students come with intentions to study, employment at the same time actively participating in various cultural trends during the course of stay.

Above all cities that house students make sure students are well protected and easy ways to find a part-time job and the commutation for using public transport is made more convenient. This will keep the student entertained and will make the studies progressive and effective.

An overview of the requirements to acquire a UK Student Visa is that the applicant should be over 16 years of age. The type of visa is recognized as a Tier 4 visa. And the course opted should be a full-time course of at least 15 hours per week daytime study. Students can apply for a Graduation, Post graduation degree perhaps even above that. Applicants should attempt the English proficiency test. Just before applying for the student visa an invite letter from the institution or university is mandated to be amongst the documents to process for the Tier 4 General Visa.

The time it takes for completing the process is 3 weeks approximately and the student can apply 3 months prior to the starting of the course. The best student benefits are the authorization given to a student to earn while learn which is a 10 through 20 hours per week allotment. The time is mentioned on the UK Study Visa sticker or the mentions are made on the Biometric residence permit. In case if this information is not clear it is advised that the student with no delay reports to the contact center and have the issue resolved.

UK student Visa Requirements

  • A valid passport
  • Recent photographs
  • Student Visa for UK is issued on points based system
  • All British universities consider IELTS as the key to applying for any university
  • A letter of the Confirmation of acceptance for studies carries more advantage and 30 points will be awarded for the same
  • Evidence of financial support needed throughout a student’s stay in the UK, in the form of bank statements
  • Financial proof must cover the tuition fees, accommodation, and living costs. This will carry 10 points
  • Overall 40 points will be needed for a student to apply for a visa to stride into the UK
  • Lastly academic testimonials should be presented at the time of interview or even at a biometric test

A key aspect for students making it to the UK for studies is, that upon arrival a UK border agency officer stamps the passport stating the duration of stay equivalent to the duration of course for which the documents related to the course and institution will be verified. And a student is allowed to stay for 4 months additionally after the completion of the course.

The higher education in the UK is renowned and valued because of the transcendent cultural diversity. Cities which can be opted are London, Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow. Places known for contrasts and acceptable culture are Warwickshire and Yorkshire.

The road does not just end even if the visa is being rejected. Once the via application returns reasons would be mentioned for the rejection making it convenient for the applicant to re-apply.

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