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Curtains rise for a smart business revolution in the UK: Y-Axis

UK Entrepreneur Visa

Every business may it be big or small starts with an idea. And specific goals and strategies induced in business owners and innovative entrepreneurs look forward for making a bright new start. After you look back on the years spent a sense of pride and satisfaction that the best decision ever taken was to start a business.

Running a business is so different from being an employee. It is being responsible for a variety of activities, and a business owner no longer has the safety net of the ME factored any longer. May it be decisions or buying insurance plans or incentivizing any step you take as a business owner, you take it considering the benefit it would do for the people serving your company. Like-minded people will make your business grow from a simple idea to a prosperous reality.

Smart business or Simple business can make a difference in a world full of ample opportunities. If the business is flourishing well you may also attract people to be a part of it. Your business may be a retail or wholesale type. You might want to take up a Franchise or you might want to explore as an independent investor. The question is do you have a place that fits the bill. Make UK the place to explore invest and replenish.

Great goals are well-defined and focused if you want to venture in the UK. To start a business in the UK the basic skills should be self-motivation, local business analysis, strong marketing skills to promote business, exceptional vendor skills, the highly talented workforce that can drive numbers into sales, to top it all a clear vision.

The United Kingdom acknowledges prospective entrepreneurs thus a point’s based system has been streamlined for all business owners and entrepreneurs who intend to get Business Visa for UK you must earn 75 points for your attributes in order to qualify. The investment needed should be at least £200,000 in a UK business.

A Tier 1 – UK Investor Visa is for those who are willing to invest in the UK a visa will be granted for 3 years; extensions are applicable for another 2 years. The investment should be £1million and after a 5 year stay the opportunity to avail permanent residency will be convenient. Spouse and dependent children are free to accompany, to work and also study in schools. Applicants should possess a graduate degree and must pass the IELTS with a score of 6.5 bands for all four components listening, speaking, reading and writing.

A Tier 1 – UK Entrepreneur Visa is for those who intend to start a new business in the UK. The minimum investment should be £200,000, any type of business can be opened employing a minimum of two locals on a full-time basis, sufficient funds to maintain themselves, and a convincing business plan is mandated. The visa will be issued for 2 years initially then an extension for 3 years is given. Dependents and children can also join and are free to work and get enrolled in any institution to study. A valid degree is needed, next an IELTS score of 6.5 bands is considered while applying for a visa.

The Tier 1 – UK Business Visa has to be applied in person with a prior appointment taken the processing time will be 15 working days. The embassy would contact the applicant via email or even send an SMS in regard to the status of the visa application.

UK Business Visa Requirements: Applicants must carry the online application form, a valid passport, 2 colored passport photographs, Covering letter of the company with the letterhead speaking about the business plan, Copy of invitation letter, and a copy of tax returns for the last three years.

In conclusion, it just does not matter who you are, what matters are your plan. Y-Axis, world’s leading Immigration Consultants will make sure that your plans do not fail. We assure you it will be a great experience when you celebrate the day you make it to the place where you want to invest and make your business prosperous and reachable to all.

At times immigration policies are stringent don’t give up even when pressure mounts because Y-Axis takes that extra care to make sure everything sails smooth. Together let us make your goals and plans a dream made true.

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