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UK Visitor Visa

The best stories are told between the pages of a passport, then be a traveller to collect moments make no haste make it to the UK and see for you the grandeur and serenity of the land of hope and glory. Ever since 2015 tourism has been the fastest growing sector in the UK. A record high of 36.1 million visitors have made it as tourists spending 22.1 billion pounds both these figures are record breakers.

The best time to visit the UK should be spring especially when the temperatures are mild. However, most people prefer summer that is the time when flights and hotel charges reflect the surge. It is advised to schedule your trips in advance. The time when the city’s’ down towns are crowded is the season of greetings “Christmas“.

Irrespective of the reason for visiting, the UK has something in stored for you always. As you touch down and you wish to commute do not afford to miss a ride in the black cabs which have changed drastically over the times, the fascinating double Decker buses above all try to get hands on the Oyster card which would cut ticket costs. Any visitor travelling through the UK would need to use the local tubes and buses to reach the desired destinations.

If you have planned for a holiday then a Standard Visitor visa will do the needful which is also a UK tourist visa. This type of visa will enable the visitor to travel for leisure, participate in business meetings, or even receive a medical treatment. The validity will be for 6 months. And every 6 months the visa can be renewed. A valid passport is the initial criteria; bank statements for 6 months will talk about self-dependence during the trip.

Applicants are advised to apply 3 months prior to the trip. On the day of the interview, the appointment letter is important. Upon arrival, a token will be issued to the applicant. After, the token is called the applicant has to proceed forward.

The filing of the documents required for UK visitor visa would be done, and then an acknowledgement will be given which will be useful while collecting the documents back. In the case of any originals filed it would be returned soon after the visa processing is complete.

All the physical procedures happen at the visa application centre. All UK visa applicants have to fix appointments at the Visa application centre. The very centres can be utilized to book appointments for bio-metric information collection as well.

The UK Visitor Visa status is a choice which is to have opted while filling the visa application. Either an SMS feature or via email the applicant will get to see the status of his or her application progress. The processing time is 8 weeks for postal applications. The premium services are specially charged it would perhaps take one working day to complete the visa application procedure. Precisely the visa can be applied through mediums such as post, in person or even online service.

As, much as additional information furnished will be considered important. For instance, the dates of stay, accommodation information, the cost of the trip, current residence address and the years of stay, above all income earnings per annum is a mandate. Evidence of assets like property or land is important while filing the documents. Stronger the financial background more the chances of being issued a visa.

Rich in tradition and endlessly diverse the United Kingdom is all about variety and memories one would always treasure. It’s an assurance a trip to the UK will fit every wallet size and taste. One should not miss the museums, seaside resorts, market towns and the gold sand beaches last but not least the countryside which is extremely beautiful because of its patchwork fields and cultivations of ancient woodlands. Now after all the travelling you get to do throughout the day, the places for you to rest and rejuvenate yourself are a tremendous range of hotels suiting your budget.

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