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Canada Spouse Visa

Dependent visa for Canada or Canada Spouse Visa is issued primarily to spouse/partner and children of an applicant who is temporarily residing in Canada on a work permit, study permit or post study work permit.

With this visa, a student who has graduated and is looking for a job or to pursue further studies or an individual who is employed there can take his spouse and children to this North American country.

Here, the criteria that will determine the visa that one can procure is the status of the primary applicant. It depends on whether the individuals hold work visas, student visas or are Permanent Residents.

Spouse as well as children of Permanent Residents can, however, apply through family sponsorship visa.

For others, they need to convince the immigration officer that their stay in Canada would be temporary, evidence that they have no criminal records should be produced and necessity to satisfy all the other criteria.

Since there are many number of students and holders of work permits, they would be glad to have their spouses and children accompany them. That is the reason that spouse visa or Dependent Visa for Canada is highly sought after.

For a spouse or a partner of a study permit holder, one needs to prove that the individual is able to financially support himself/herself while he/she is in Canada.

The primary applicant needs to be a full-time student at a recognised educational institution for the individual’s spouse and children to be issued the dependent/ spouse visa.

A spouse or a partner of a holder of post study work permit is eligible to apply for ‘open work permit’, but not mandatory here are job offers or employment arrangements.

The primary applicants should prove that they can take care of themselves as well as their dependents (spouse and children). Proof needs to be provided that the principal applicants are holders of post study work permits with employment in occupations in NOC 0, A or B.

The primary applicants must show a letter that confirms their employment or a copy of their employment offer, they also need to show pay slips if already employed and also adequate funds for their stay in Canada.

For spouses of holders of work permits as well as post study work permits, rules are almost the same. Spouses can apply for ‘open work permits’ if the primary applicants are eligible to work in Canada for a period of over six months. They, however, need to be employed in occupations in in NOC 0, A or B and have adequate cash to take care of selves in Canada for the duration of the visas applied for.

The normal process duration for a dependent or spouse visa in Canada varies from six to eight weeks.

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