Thoughts that will impress you to migrate successfully: Y-Axis

Visa Interview Process

Everything begins with a thought and later into plans, finally plans turn into reality. And every individual who has the desire to flourish should be determined to overcome anything irrespective of which road you take.

Most of us all know of those who have packed and migrated to another country may it be for studies, work or even a business. The only reason is; we knock the doors of globalization to open. This is considered as one life changing decision. A lot of people go to another country seeking financial stability where the host nations are far more economically stabilized.

Education is also one of the key reasons and also a big push may it be a fee or free education. Administering governments have also ensured to streamline policies to make sure visa schemes are made feasible. A pre-interview preparation is always advised. As a matter of fact a visa application process is tedious but if it’s in place it is the best to none.

Visa Interview Tips

  • The first step is to check for the processing time it takes to complete all the procedures.
  • Reasons for visa denial should be considered important so that we take more precautions.
  • Make sure all the visa documents for your visa type are in order so that you avoid searching for documents;
  • Make sure you carry sufficient funds to pay the visa fee which is non-refundable.
  • Always be on time on the day of the interview, and names will be called so be alert not to carry any gadgets that distract your concentration.
  • Be a good listener and avoid selective hearing.
  • As much as possible stick to a good and presentable language, more especially English and not in a regional language.
  • Answer to the succinctly asked questions politely.

As you present yourself before the consulate officer speak into the microphone in a clear tone. Applicants also beware of micro-expressions. A ‘no’ is a much safer progressive answer than a ‘yes’ for everything that can develop perceptions for the interviewer.

Interviews happen with great pace so are the decisions to issue visas to an applicant. The quality of visa documents presented and authentic presentation of an individual will be a key to succeeding. Last but not least do not be rattled if you get to see refusals around, it might affect your performance and your levels of self-confidence. End of the day your honest answers will decide your destiny besides your reaction to questions and your body language. Keep them all in sync and in fine tune.

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