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Be ready, be organized, because preparation makes you to face challenges

Visa Application Process

Success in every challenge comes from being prepared and making use of that opportunity and the most prominent key is to be self confident. People have been moving from their home countries in search of green pastures since decades. They have moved and have left a trail for others to follow and migrant’s numbers have moved up rapidly bringing it to 230 million folks who have spread across the globe.

Reasons for migration could be because host countries are developed and more industrialized. Prominent reasons could be economic expansion. Younger generation make it for studies initially while the working class make it along with their families for a better improve living standard.

Success in Interviews depends upon your presentation and approach. At times interviews might not happen at all, due to the submission online or via post. Below are the few Visa Interview Tips that might help you in quick approval of visa.

Visa Interview tips:

  • If it is your first time applying for visa make sure you are there in person
  • Carry relevant documentation in a proper sequence
  • For travellers and dependent visas if you have a sponsor make sure their documents are placed before.
  • And your answers should be aiming about you returning back to your home country after the completion of your course or contract.
  • As much as possible students should give answers that you would present the intention of coming back as in when you get holidays and completion of the course.
  • Never speak about having a long lineage of known people in the country you would be visiting. Irrespective of the purpose of visit.
  • Please speak into the microphone
  • Make sure your answers are not intimidating
  • Speak the truth in a convincing tone
  • Even if the interviewer is reluctant keep your cool and stick to your humility.
  • Clearly filly the visa application forms
  • Whenever you are asked for documents please keep them handy and present them without hesitation
  • Give answers spontaneously.
  • Make sure your answers are heard with clarity
  • In case you have trouble hearing the interviewer please ask for clarity immediately
  • Please be trustworthy and give honest answers.
  • Speak in a neutral accent
  • Dress up should be absolutely formal

Visa Interview Tips

Required Visa Documents:

  • A valid passport
  • 2 photographs with plain back grounds
  • Make sure to write your names behind each photograph
  • If you are a student, you need to have academic documents which have to be attested.
  • Students must not forget the invite letters from the institution
  • If you are a skilled person seeking for immigration, carry your offer letter and previous experience letters with references. Meaning a cover letter precisely a letter of interest
  • Bank statements above all tax returns are very important.
  • A traveler or an applicant on a general visit must remember to present itineraries
  • If you are travelling please carry leave approval letters and no objection letters.
  • In case of references their contact information should be mentioned
  • If you have made payments for the visa, do carry the citations with you.
  • After you are done with your submissions do remember to carry the reference number for future tracking purposes.
  • Tax returns very important for Tourists, Work and General visitor visas.
  • Medical Insurance very important
  • Tickets are not mandatory
  • If you have funds for your living expenses and Return tickets that will serve the purpose
  • Bank statements have to be attested by the Banking officer

Your reason could be anything, not all can justify your needs. The world’s best Immigration Consultancy Y-Axis empathizes with Visa Application Process and your choices, and when you seek visas at time there might be delay in the processing as well, but through us you will never experience such a proclivity. You will be successful in making it to your dream destiny.

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