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Streamline your plans to study abroad


Studying abroad is a dream, and a plan to make it true begins when most of the students are the verge of completing their studies. That is when the perplexity begins when you have to make a choice about a study abroad program. It is because they are many wonderful and exciting programs than compared to the fewer opportunities at home.

A few questions will begin to follow you such as;

  • An urban or a rural located University
  • Which destination is good for studies?
  • Which time of the year can you apply?
  • Affordability of the program
  • Will the course benefit in future prospects?
  • Are there any foreign languages that are mandatory to learn?
  • Living facilities
  • Part-time work opportunities
  • Scholarships
  • Lastly, post work opportunities

To be sure of the above you will need expert guidance to walk you through. To be specific about a few good countries those have good scope for higher education and post work opportunities. Career Counselors work day in and out to help you get a permit to pursue higher studies. All you have to do is depend on Study Visa Consultants for a successful visa to be issued.

Renowned destinations that will give you a competitive advantage to find one of the best employments opportunities

  • The most popular student destination, which attracts over 750000 international students, is the United States.
  • Most economic powerhouses of Europe, Germany is popular for free tuition fees. Here you will experience internationally rated universities.
  • The most student destination is Canada; over 6.5% of students are an international origin. In spite of regional variations. Students get to explore multiple opportunities.
  • An affordable destination for students is Taipei. Here the tuition fee is low and affordable.
  • Argentina is yet another country that offers free university tuition fees. International students must pay a nominal enrolment fee. You will also experience modern and well-equipped facilities during the course of education
  • Most of the students would have Australia on their bucket list. A perfect platform for academic growth and success
  • Your CV will gain Weightage if you have South Korea as a mention for higher studies. Home for 14 internationally ranked universities.
  • A wide variety of high-quality universities attracts international students to the UK every year. Here scholarship opportunities are worth trying.
  • Not only will you get a chance to explore Europe, you will also have good opportunities after the completion of your studies in Denmark. Possess organizational skills and have well-planned ambitions. You w would never regret studying in this country.

An abroad study visa consultant will give you the relevant information needed for you to migrate for higher studies. As the demand for overseas education is increasing, the level of competition is equal to the demand. If you are a student and looking for expert guidance contact Y-Axis Study Abroad Consultants in Pune at Connaught place.

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