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Documents Required for US Visa Application

Visa Application Process

The below documents are required for the US Visa application and Interview process:

  • Letter of Appointment – The NVC letter of interview appointment that was sent to you.
  • Passport – A valid passport that has validity for 6 months beyond the date of arrival to the US for each applicant.
  • Photographs – Two similar color photographs as per the photograph requirements for each applicant.
  • Results of Medical Tests – Unopened envelopes of Medical tests have to be submitted for each applicant if in case the panel of physicians has given the results of medical tests in sealed envelopes.
  • Original and Supporting Documents – Original documents or certified copies and a Xerox copy of each document are required for each applicant including family members. The visa application and all other documents are sent to the US Consulate or Embassy prior to the interview.

It is mandatory that the applicant carries all these documents for the US Visa Application and Interview Process.

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