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Emerging unconventional careers for students as revealed by best career counsellors in India

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Just a few years ago none would have imagined about careers that could involve nuances of DNA, animated cartoon character movies or even party or wedding planners. Full-time jobs as a Social worker or planning travel itineraries were also unheard of. Today these are one amongst the most happening and exciting career prospects. Collating the advice of the Best Career Counsellors in India, here is a brief write-up regarding the emerging unconventional careers for students.

Opting for a career is the most crucial decision of an individual’s life. However, more often than not it is based on parental and societal pressures, scarce knowledge and professional aspirations that are unrealistic. Even irrelevant emotional factors at times influence the career decision of many students.

It is also advised by several best career counsellors in India that individuals must develop out-of-the box thinking. They must discover their strengths, prospects and be realistic regarding career opportunities and choices. Unconventional thinking is not merely a sign of ability of the mind. It requires a lot of creativity, boldness, and mental ability to explore options beyond one’s comfort zone, as quoted by the Businessinsider.

Some of the most promising careers include choices in Genetics, Animation, Web designing, Mass Communication, Biotechnology, Software engineering, Fashion designing and Healthcare.

Environmentalist, Fitness expert, Pet grooming, Adventure sports mentor, Alternative healing, Museum curator, Voice trainer, Food critic, Photography, Animal trainers, Vegetable and Fruit carving are also amongst the most exciting and promising careers for the future generation.

Each of the above careers has reasonable share of challenges and responsibilities. They are also rewarding in terms of the good pay package, opportunity to prove oneself, flexibility and creative satisfaction.

It is advisable that students who are at crossroads take the assistance career counsellors for discovering the most suitable careers for them.

The skills, interests, and talents of any individual are unique which must form the basis for opting for a career. Developing the required skills and knowing the abilities must be the basis to target the field of job prospects. Knowing one’s abilities and choosing the preferred skills for opting for a career is the most powerful and exciting thing for an individual.

Students today must get done a critical analysis of strengths, skills, interests, and hobbies from one of best career counsellors in India and work in a direction guided by these factors. To quote Winston Churchill ‘There is no idea that can be considered bizarre for not considering worthy of search but however with a steady eye’.

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