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Top 3 Countries Offering Free Education to International Students

Countries Offering Free Education to International Students

There are many countries offering free education to international students and several others that offer affordable higher Overseas Education to students. These nations either offer education for free or very minimal cost to overseas students.

Below are the top 3 countries offering free education to international students:


Increased numbers of overseas students arrive in Germany every year for their higher education. It is largely owing to the fact that German public universities do not charge any undergraduate tuition fees. This holds good both for local and overseas students. To cover administrative costs just 250-150 Euros are charged as nominal university fee, as quoted by the Top Universities Com.

The low cost of study along with the strong economy in Germany and world-class higher education system attracts students globally. It is thus extremely appealing for students to pursue their higher studies in Germany. In fact, that latest report of the HSBC for ‘Value of Education’ lists Germany as one among the top 5 nations globally for the perceived standard of education amongst the parents who participated in the survey.


France is not as popular as Germany when it comes to affordable or low-cost education for overseas students. However, expat students will be surprised to learn that they can pursue their higher studies in France at very low cost or free irrespective of their nationality.

Technically public universities in France do charge university fee but it is minimal when compared to the majority of the nations. It is just 184 Euros annually for covering administrative costs at the undergraduate level. Additional costs can hike this amount especially for specific programs such as engineering or medicine but not drastically.

Nordic Nations:

Nordic nations in Northern Europe boast of some of the sophisticated higher education systems globally. They are extremely popular for their liberal politics, stunning nature and high quality of life. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark that comprise of the Nordic nations offer low-cost or free education to all overseas students.

University study is available free of cost to all students irrespective of their nationality or level of study in Norway. Most of the undergraduate programs are imparted instruction only in Norwegian. Overseas students must offer evidence of proficiency in the Norwegian language for undergraduate level studies.

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