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Know About Two Popular Visitor Visas

USA Visitor Visa Documents

The fact is every country needs basic travel documents to enter. A B2 visa has to be applied for a short stay where the purpose of the visit is to tour or travel on a holiday.

If the purpose is business a B1 visa has to be applied. Both the nonimmigrant visas are for short stays and the application form is a DS-160. Supporting USA Visitor Visa Documents will strengthen your process and will it easy for you to be issued with a USA visitor visa.

Financial status and your tax returns will stand as evidence to show self-dependence to live on your expenses, during your stay in the USA.

The benefit is for Canadian citizens who have a valid passport and possess the citizenship of Canada do not need a visa beforehand to apply for a Visit Visa to UK from Canada. They will be issued with a visa-on-arrival for a short stay of 180 days. All you will need is an ETA and evidence of financial funds.

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