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The Pathway to Obtain the UK Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa for UK

Qualifying Requirements for Spouse Visa UK – In order to submit the application for the UK visa for your spouse you must satisfy the below requirements.


  • The partners both applicant and sponsor must be minimum 18 years old
  • Both must be married and the marriage must hold good as per the laws in the UK. If unmarried they must be residing together in a relationship similar to marriage for minimum 24 months
  • Marriage must be authentic and surviving
  • Both the partners must have met

Financial Requirement:

  • You must demonstrate that you satisfy a threshold income level or savings at disposal. In case the application is made from outside the UK, then only the income of the sponsoring UK national will be considered.
  • Joint income will be considered only if the application is made from within the UK. Minimum annual income level as of now is 18, 600 that rises if you have kids.
  • On the other hand or apart from income, savings can be utilized to satisfy the requirement.
  • Applicants who cannot fulfill the financial requirement must not apply for the UK Spouse Visa.

English Language Requirement for Spouse Visa for the UK

The applicant must prove that they possess a minimum proficiency in the English language. This requirement can be met by the nationality, having a degree with English instruction or via an accredited test for the English language. You cannot apply for the spouse visa of the UK if you do not satisfy this requirement, as quoted by the Skillclear Co UK.

If you are residing in the UK through a visitor visa or any another visa that has validity less than 6 months then you are normally expected to first leave the UK. You must then submit your UK visa application for the spouse from your home nation.

Indefinite Leave to Remain for partner visa holders in the UK

After residing in the UK for five years through the Spouse visa, you must be able to apply for indistinct Leave to Reside including for your children. It is also known as Permanent Residence. *Candidates who have submitted the application for the Spouse visa before April 2012 can be eligible for PR after residing for 24 months in the UK.

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