USA Visitor Visa Documents and Application Procedure

USA Visitor Visa Documents

USA Visitor Visa is a non-immigrant visa granted to people visiting the country for a short duration for leisure, to meet family or friends or to get treated medically. Even people visiting the US on a short-term to partake in commercial activities would also have to apply for the same. Visitor visas, or tourist visas, are of two types — B1 and B2. People in the first category are granted B-2 visas and those of the second category should for B-1 visas.

With either of these visas, individuals can stay in America for only up to six months, subject to the approval of the US authorities. Some people can get an extension for another six months, which depends on the discretion of the immigration officials.

To qualify for a US visa, individuals must have a passport. They have to fill up an application form, pay its fee and attend the interview for visitor visa at the US Embassy or Consulate, whichever is closer to them in their home country.

Form DS 160 is the visitor visa application which must be filled in completely. After its submission, individuals will receive a confirmation in the form of a 10-digit barcode. It needs to be kept carefully as it has to be presented at the visa interview.

*After paying the fees, applicants must schedule two appointments to get the visitor visa processed. In the first appointment, applicants would have to give their biometric information, which would be through fingerprints and a digital photograph. The second appointment would be at a Consulate or the Embassy for a face to face interview with the immigration officials.

The main objective of the visa interview is to see that all information and documents are genuine and that applicants could be considered eligible for being granted the visa.

USA Visitor Visa Documents that applicants must present include an original passport with a validity of six months after the scheduled arrival date in the USA, people having old passports must carry them too, one digital and one hard copy of a passport-sized photograph are required, DS160 Visa Application confirmation pages stamped at the VAC (Visa Application Center), proof of payment of visa application fees (a receipt) and a copy of the interview appointment letter for USA.

Along with these, applicants should also carry supporting documents such as character certificate from local police station, bank documents to prove that they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves in the US and proof of employment or details of business, if working for self in their home country, to prove that they intend to return home after their visa expires.

Of course, it is better if people carry along with their social security documents, business cards and health insurance to cover in case they fall ill during their stay in USA.

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