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Career Counselling Websites in India’s Financial Capital – Mumbai

Career Development Center

Professionalism is the byword in Mumbai, the financial and commercial hub of India.  All working professionals have to be on their toes to keep up appointment timings, without which they cannot survive in this city. Therefore, only the best of talent from all over India flock to this place. Those who dream big want to make it big here before they head overseas. The training one receives by working here steels them further.

After a short stint in the city, which was earlier known as Bombay, they head to greener pastures abroad. For this reason, they seek Career Development Center. This is the reason that Y-Axis, one of the prominent consultancies for immigration services and overseas jobs, has set up four offices in this city. It will advise these prospective expatriates on how to apply for a visa for the destination of their choice. The offices are located in Andheri (West), Bandra-Kurla Complex, Thane and Vashi.

Career, Education, Study Overseas

Choose the best career guide to make right choices at the right time

Online Career Guidance

A significant way in which the current generation differs from its older is that the option of education and career counseling. There is a huge increase in urban India in families that seek career counselling from professional experts. It is always advisable to opt for the best career guide in India to arrive at the choice of your career.

With the latest advancements in the field of education and industry, many Online Career Counseling centers are now offering four broad services. These are Entrance exam tutoring, Higher education consultations, Career consultations and Psychometric and aptitude testing.

In the beginning stages, Career guidance and counselling was chiefly availed by college youth to discover their passions and through this shape a career that matched with their interests. The crucial question of the appropriate career was simplified with the assistance of a professional counselor.

Centers for Career counseling offered in person time with the counselors and after a few counseling sessions, the career strategy was given to the students. Inputs from the parents, the student, and the counselor went on to decide the right track for the students.

Psychometric tests and personality tests have now been added so that not just the student’s interests bust aptitude is also assessed accurately. Combining assessment of both these aspects students are offered the career counseling online today.

Currently, online career guidance has been extended to education counseling as well as more and more students are inquisitive to seek a professional guidance. Earlier what the decisions were self-made regarding the choice of study, are now being assessed accurately with the assistance of career counselors. These counselors, in fact, serve as career guide in India for many thousands of students.

Customized solutions are also offered today by many career development centres. For instance, a student in college who is in ambiguity regarding the choice of career or required steps for making career choice can book an appointment with a counselor.  After the initial counseling for a specific fee, the student has the choice to go ahead with the counselor or even exit. The usual counseling plan for a student of this category would include initial tests, detailed career guide, interview practice and resume building.

Today several thousands of students are opting professional Online Career Counselling to be doubly sure regarding the choice of their careers. They receive holistic assistance for the development of their education and career as well. Students are knowledge of offered latest trends and information with respect to not just careers and education but appropriate application and admission guidance as well.

If you are looking to shape a successful career, contact Y-Axis, the world’s most trusted career consultant enables you to follow your dreams with our unprecedented overseas education services.


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Are you seeking career counselors in Bangalore – India’s Silicon Valley?

online career counselors

If you are at the crossroads of your career and want to better your position, what would you do? What if your goal involves going abroad to work or study? If that is the case, talk to a career counselor in Bangalore (Bengaluru).

You could be a management student or from the streams of humanities, pure sciences, information technology, fashion designing, legal studies, social sciences et al.

We all are aware that besides being the IT hub of India, Bangalore is also a home to many prestigious educational institutions such as IIM, IISc, National Law School and so on. It also is home to huge industries such as BEL, HAL, BEML, ISRO ITL and the list is endless. It is, therefore natural, that this city should produce so many able graduates, postgraduates and working professionals who might want to study or work abroad.

All you people can seek the help online career counselors too, and there are lots available in that city.

Check Y-Axis, a premier consultancy for services in immigration and overseas jobs, which has three offices in central locations of Bangalore.

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Studying in the land of opportunities – USA

usa study visa requirements

Studying in the USA is the dream of most students from all over the world, which is why it is the most preferred destination for studies globally. Another factor that draws students to this country is that courses in the most esoteric of disciplines are offered by American universities. In fact, it is said that any course that is not offered in the US is unlikely to be offered anywhere on the planet.

Other advantages of studying in this country include the opportunity to mix with students from very diverse cultures, a very progressive culture which is open to new ideas, world-class universities, great infrastructure in campuses — libraries, regular seminars, sporting activities, going out on study tours and other extracurricular activities. In addition to all of this, the land of opportunities allows you to work part-time when the semester is ongoing and full-time during vacations, which will allow students to pay for their own expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, etc.

Of course, having a degree from a US university adds a lot of value to any students’ bio-data. The student-teacher interaction is also very different in the United States. They, at times, behave with each other like family members. Even students pursuing conventional courses get a chance to enroll in offbeat courses to understand or appreciate the facets of life that they would never have got a chance to explore ever.

Students at universities in the US can opt for different minor and majors at the same time. They are given an option to select when they would like to attend classes. The best part is that the universities there very liberal opportunities for scholarships.

The US universities have always been very generous in giving scholarships to exceptionally bright students. With a wide range of institutions to choose from in the US, there truly is a university for every student of any background that fits their budget.

Besides merit-based scholarships, which are given to students who have maintained academic excellence throughout their educational careers, need based scholarships are granted to students based on the financial background of the candidates.

Research is considered to be of vital importance in American universities. How well one learns a subject theoretically isn’t sufficient. It is the art of applying what is learnt in real life.

But one should know the USA Study Visa Requirements before they head there. All foreign students are advised to prepare at least a year and a half before they plan to leave for that country. This begins with the process of applying to a college or university after narrowing down their preferences depending on the courses and other considerations.

They also need to take the GRE/GMAT tests along with the English tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. Once they get their scores in these tests, they should apply for educational institutions along with their latest grades either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

An F1 visa, the most common visa, is issued to foreign students wanting to attend an academic program at a US college or university.

To be eligible for USA Student Visa, students must have obtained their I-20 form that is provided by the US College or university that the student has been accepted and will enroll in it. They have to then apply for a visa application by paying a non-refundable application fee, they also need to complete and submit DS-160 and DS-157 (applicable for male students aged between 16 and 45). They should have on them a passport with a validity date extending a minimum of six months of their intended stay period of stay. Other items include passport sized photographs, original documents of educational qualifications till date, proof that they intend to go to the US only for the purpose of studying, proof of having enough money to subsist and to pay for their tuition fees for their entire stay in the US.

Following that students have to a USA Student Visa Interview at the American Embassy or Consulates in their home country.

Since this a lengthy and a tedious process and most applicants might miss out on providing certain details, it is definitely advisable to seek the help of reliable and expert Migrant Agent. If you have not decided on whom to approach, get in touch with Y-Axis, a leading global consultancy for immigration services, to get handy assistance and guidance.


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Career advice and how to seek it

Best Career Counsellors India

If seeking top-class career advisors to immigrate to another country for study or for work, there are any numbers of them available in India. But do not fall for all and sundry. Approach those who have good track record, reach, reliability and so on.

For student visas, they should be offering to counsel and not selling any course or any institution in the country you are planning to head to. They could be at any level- undergraduate, post graduate or doctoral levels. Since the top destination countries, especially for students, are the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

They should be past masters in providing services for settlement or permanent residency in all immigrant-friendly countries of the world. Of course, these countries should also offer a good quality of life, affordable accommodation, security, nice schooling facilities, etc.

One of the decidedly Best Career Counsellors in India and in various countries across the globe is Y-Axis.

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Online career counseling has several benefits in the present times

Online career counseling has several benefits in the present times

Online career counseling has several benefits in the present times as it answers the How, Why, Where and What questions related to your career. Online career counselors are the most preferred choice today for any aspects and queries related to career.

There are several portals that offer online Career Counseling in Pune. They offer integrated solutions and affordable, flexible, accessible and instant career guidance and planning to students and individuals.

There are diverse aspects that the online career counseling can assist aspiring students and individuals with:

Guidance for Career – You can ask your questions and receive immediate and on-demand career advice backed by experts for every career query.

Planning for Career – You can plan your complete university level education with the assistance of career counseling service that is unbiased.

Study Overseas – There are specialized online career counselors for overseas studies facilitating aspiring international students with their global education.

Exploring Careers – Queries of several thousands of aspiring students would have been answered by the renowned and industry leading online career counselors. This is a very useful tool for career exploration to you.

Assessment of Careers – This includes a combination of diverse level psychometric career tests. It will holistically and scientifically access your personality, motivation, aptitude, and interests.

Today there are several platforms offering Online Career Counseling. It is very important to opt for the best digital platform. There are certain distinguishing factors that should help you to choose the right one.

The most obvious and crucial factor is the career assessment that forms the crux of the process of career guidance. One needs to verify as a part of the assessment itself the comprehensiveness of the assessment report. The next important factor is the process of counseling itself.

There are other assisting processes as a part of the career counseling factors too that have to be evaluated. It will ensure that you receive end-to-end assistance for the choice of your career. This could include the accessibility of a diverse knowledge resource with comprehensive information on the choice of careers. Other value added services such as application essay, resume writing, overseas admissions assistance, statement-of-purpose writing, etc can help to evaluate the suitability of the online career counseling platform.

Analysis of these factors should help you to make the appropriate and accurate choice of the online career counseling platform.

 If you are looking to shape a successful career, contact Y-Axis Career Guide, who enables you to follow your dreams with our unprecedented overseas education services.


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Studying in Germany – Processes

Germany Study Visa Consultants

Germany is becoming popular with international students because of its top-class universities, the cost of studying is lower when compared other developed countries and, importantly, most German universities impart education in English.

An OECD report released in 2014 stated that Germany was the third most popular destination for study in the world.

Before you get a German Study Visa, decide on the course and the universities where you would want to study. If you get an acceptance letter from one of the universities, you can initiate the process of applying for a visa.

There are three types of student visas for beginners – student applicant visa, Student visa – visa type D and a language course visa.

With a student applicant visa, you can set foot in Germany even if you haven’t got an acceptance letter. This visa helps students to know what courses they could pursue in this country. It is initially issued for up to three months and can be extended for up to six months depending on certain criteria.

A Student visa – visa type D if given to students who have been accepted into a degree programme in Germany or a foundation course. It is valid for three months.

If one intends to go to Germany with the primary intention of learning German, such persons need to apply for a language course visa.

You need to apply for a student visa of Germany in the country’s embassy or consulate – whichever is closest to you. You could take the help of Overseas Study Consultants, as they would advise you on the best and most economical study options and would also assist you in your documentation process.

Students should apply for a visa three months before they arrive in Germany. Processing of this visa takes up to 25 days. Once students submit the required documents, they will be forwarded to immigration office of the university a particular student has chosen. It has to be approved there and then sent back to the embassy or consulate from where a student has applied

When students enter Germany, they will need to obtain and health insurance and learn the German language.

Individuals applying for a long-term visa need to have a working knowledge in the German language. Those people would be needed to take one of the three tests: A1 Certificate from the Goethe Institute, TestDAF and KCSE Certificate from KNEC.

This is required even for students who are enrolled in a degree programme that is taught in English. When applicants attend an interview at a German Embassy or Consulate, students will have to prove that they can communicate in basic German.

To be a foreign student in a German educational institution, students must submit with their applications a certificate stating that they have health insurance coverage, proof that they can afford at least €8,000 per year, copies of past educational certificates, a valid passport and photographs.

If you are looking to Study in Germany, get in touch with Y-Axis, a leading immigration consultancy firm, to get assistance and guidance for smooth processing of your visa application.