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Key Requirements for Australia PR Visa

Permanent Resident Visa Australia

Australia determines the eligibility of Permanent Resident Visa Australia through a system based on points. You are allotted points for crucial selection factors. These include education, work experience, language proficiency and age.

The major requirements for Australia permanent resident visa are:

  • Educational documents
  • Character and health requirements
  • Valid travel documents such as passport
  • Test result in English proficiency – IELTS
  • Report for assessment of skills by appropriate assessing body
  • Choosing the right visa category for applying to the Australia PR
  • Selection of occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List

You must apply in the points-based system in Australia after all above requirements are satisfied. It is required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the digital SkillSelect system. All your key profile details must be offered. Your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for PR visa will be boosted by high scores of points.

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The Pathway to Obtain the UK Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa for UK

Qualifying Requirements for Spouse Visa UK – In order to submit the application for the UK visa for your spouse you must satisfy the below requirements.


  • The partners both applicant and sponsor must be minimum 18 years old
  • Both must be married and the marriage must hold good as per the laws in the UK. If unmarried they must be residing together in a relationship similar to marriage for minimum 24 months
  • Marriage must be authentic and surviving
  • Both the partners must have met

Financial Requirement:

  • You must demonstrate that you satisfy a threshold income level or savings at disposal. In case the application is made from outside the UK, then only the income of the sponsoring UK national will be considered.
  • Joint income will be considered only if the application is made from within the UK. Minimum annual income level as of now is 18, 600 that rises if you have kids.
  • On the other hand or apart from income, savings can be utilized to satisfy the requirement.
  • Applicants who cannot fulfill the financial requirement must not apply for the UK Spouse Visa.

English Language Requirement for Spouse Visa for the UK

The applicant must prove that they possess a minimum proficiency in the English language. This requirement can be met by the nationality, having a degree with English instruction or via an accredited test for the English language. You cannot apply for the spouse visa of the UK if you do not satisfy this requirement, as quoted by the Skillclear Co UK.

If you are residing in the UK through a visitor visa or any another visa that has validity less than 6 months then you are normally expected to first leave the UK. You must then submit your UK visa application for the spouse from your home nation.

Indefinite Leave to Remain for partner visa holders in the UK

After residing in the UK for five years through the Spouse visa, you must be able to apply for indistinct Leave to Reside including for your children. It is also known as Permanent Residence. *Candidates who have submitted the application for the Spouse visa before April 2012 can be eligible for PR after residing for 24 months in the UK.

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Source: http://yaxis.soup.io/post/635800652/The-Pathway-to-Obtain-the-UK-Spouse

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Key Documents for Canada Permanent Resident Visa Application

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada Permanent Resident Visa is the most preferred PR visa for Indians when it comes to overseas visa applications. Thousands of applications are filed every year owing to flexible immigration policies of Canada, career opportunities, and cultural diversity. Moreover, democratic values and the Indian communities in Canada are other highlights.

To obtain the Canada Permanent Resident Visa, one must apply through any one of the points-based and renowned immigration programs of Canada such as PNP, QSWP, Express Entry etc. The key documents needed for Canada PR Visa Application from India are:

  • Proof of adequate funds supporting the application
  • Assessment of educational credentials
  • Copies, originals, and official translations of supporting documents
  • Academic degrees, certificates, and diplomas
  • Documents for personal identification
  • Sponsor letters if applicable
  • Test results for assessment of skills
  • Test results for language such as IELTS
  • Additional fees

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The Eligibility and Requirements of the Visitor Visa UK

Visit Visa to UK

You have to apply for the Standard Visitor Visa UK if you want to visit the nation for (a) Leisure activities such as vacation or to visit family or friends, (b) Business or to participate in creative events or sports (c) Other reasons such as for receiving private medical treatment.


For being eligible for the Visit Visa to UK you must:

  • Demonstrate that you will exit the UK at the end of the visit
  • Prove that you will support yourself and dependents if any during the visit
  • Show that you are capable of catering to the return and onward cost of travel
  • Give evidence of the activity you wish to take up in the UK permissible under visitor visa rules

Documents Required:

Your application for the UK Visitor Visa will require the following documents:

  • Valid passport or any other travel document
  • Authorized translation of documents that are not in English or Welsh
  • Proof of financial ability such as bank statements or pay slips for the past 6 months
  • Passport page that is blank on both the sides with the passport being valid for the entire stay in the UK

Additional documents required if you are visiting the UK:

  • To apply as a donor of organs
  • As a prospective entrepreneur
  • In furtherance of private medical treatment
  • For academic sabbatical with stay for 1 year
  • For test of Linguistic and Professional Assessment Board or Structured Objective Clinical Examination

Through the Visitor Visa UK you can:

  • Transform your civil partnership into a marriage
  • Till it is not the main objective of your visit, study for up to one month
  • Participate in any activities related to business permissible under the visa rules
  • Participate in an educational visit or exchange program if you are below 18 years

Through the Visit Visa to the UK you cannot:

  • Receive public funds
  • Be employed in paid or honorary work
  • Reside in the UK for a long time via frequent visits
  • Register for civil partnership or marry or give notice of civil partnership or marriage

The earliest you can file an application for your UK Visitor Visa is 90 days prior to your date of journey. You must receive a decision on your application within 3 weeks, as quoted by the Gov UK. You are permitted to stay in the UK for maximum 180 days.

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Source: https://onmogul.com/stories/the-eligibility-and-requirements-of-the-visitor-visa-uk

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On a Tour to US – the World’s Largest Economy

American Visa Application

The United States is one of most visited countries in the world for various reasons. Some go there to work, some go to attend conferences, seminars or other business meetings – as all top companies in the world will have a major office there -, some go there on vacation, and so on.

If you want to Apply for an American Visa on leisure, you would have to apply for a US tourist visa.

If you are unaware of how to get an USA visa, here are some basic steps. Visit its Embassy in India in New Delhi or its consulates in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. One has to download or physically procure a DS-160 visa form. It should be signed and a passport size photo needs to be given along when submitting it.

When filling up an American Visa Application, there is no need to show confirmed flight tickets.

Following that, the applicants will be called for an interview at the Embassy or consulates’, depending upon whichever is closer to them. In the interview, the immigration officials ask for an invitation letter (it is required for certain categories of visitors), reasons for the visit, how the prospective visitors will fund their trips and how long they plan to stay within that country. If the immigration officials are satisfied, applicants get a nod there right away. Even if it is rejected, they tell the applicants then and there.

If the interview was successful, the applicant will receive the passport with the visa stamped on it in around two working days. Visitor Visa Processing for USA is, therefore, quick.

America has tourist attraction of various types, you can visit the big cities and head to the theatres, museums, art galleries, cafes, restaurants of almost all world cuisines (in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago); you can head to the magnificent Niagara Falls – a naturally marvelous and breathtaking location; Hollywood, if you want to see how films are being shot or if you like spotting stars; Las Vegas, if you are a gamer and are not risk-averse, and also for its nightlife by spending time at pubs, dancing joints and so on; Hawaii islands, California or Florida, if you are beach person; and head to New Orleans if you are jazz buff and while in that city explore its French Quarters.

In addition, there is the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National park, Salt Lake, where one can only float but not drown, Yosemite National Park which affords great scenery, etc.

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Source: http://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/law/on-a-tour-to-us-the-worlds-largest-economy.html

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Process of obtaining American visas

How to Get USA Visa

Foreign nationals who want to study, work, visit, do business, settle down in the United States have to apply for visas to get entry into that country.

Visas, which help you settle down in the US, are immigrant visas, while work, visit and business visas are categorized as nonimmigrant visas. Time taken for the USA Visa Application Process varies depending on the type one is opting for.

Most popular visas in nonimmigrant category are visitor visas (B2), business visitor visas (B1) and student visas (F1 and F2). On the other hand, most sought after immigrant visas are short-term work visas (L1), long-term work visas (H1B and H2).  Investor visas, which allow you gain permanent residency in America are (EB-5). There are many other visa categories, but they have fewer applicants vying for them. Visa process for the USA is dissimilar for each of the categories.

Besides being the largest-economy of the world, America sets trends in most fields which all other countries follow. This makes it one of the popular destinations in the world for different reasons. Be it tourism, business, trading, study or investment, people make a beeline to enter the US.

But all those who apply for American visas need to attend an interview at a US Embassy or Consulate.  Questions posed are toughest for people who apply for H1-B Visas and student visas. This is because authorities want to make sure that candidates on those visas do not end up staying illegally in their country.

To be eligible qualify for an F1 visa, candidates should have got a letter of admission in a full-time education programme in a college or a university, which is recognised by the US authorities. It is considered full-time studies only if there are 18 study hours per week. In addition, applicants must prove that they have enough money on them to support themselves, as they need to pay their tuition fees and money for accommodation for their study duration. Finally, they should be able to convince immigration officials that they would return to their home country after completing their studies. They also need to show that they are healthy by undergoing medical examinations, and have had no criminal cases booked against by producing certificates from the police authorities of the place they live in.

With an F1 visa, its holders are eligible to be employed with restrictions if they meet certain criteria. B2 visas are granted to applicants who satisfy the immigration authorities by proving that they are entering the US only for leisure, to meet friends or relatives, for sightseeing, medical treatment and such other cases.

Although they travel on short-term visas, they too are required to show evidence that they enough money to take care of themselves during their stay. These candidates also need to fulfill health and character requirements.

Normally, B2 visa holders can stay in the US for up to six months. In certain cases, their stay can be extended up to a year. They are also barred from taking up jobs or enrolling for long-term courses.

Applicants can be qualified for L1 visas if they have been in employment with the same company for a minimum of one year in executive, managerial or as experts in the three years prior their date of their applications. When they move the US, they should be in a similar position or must have been promoted. With L1 visas, its holders can work and reside in the USD for up to three years provided the company already has operations in the US.

L1 visa holders can take with them their spouses and dependent children aged below 21. They would be eligible for an L2 visa, a derivate visa of L1 visa. Though they are eligible to study or work in the US, they cannot apply for study visas.

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Source: https://www.articlecube.com/process-obtaining-american-visas

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Brief introduction to EB-5 visa


Eligible for EB-5 visas are applicants who are ready to invest $1million or $500,000 in a new business in the US in a ‘target employment area’. The business could be owned by two people also jointly.

Before one makes an investment, the entrepreneur should show sources from where he/she has procured all the capital. It is also necessary that it should been acquired legally. With EB-5 visa, people and their immediate families can become PRs (Permanent Residents) of the US. Children below the age of 21 years are also eligible to be included in the application for EB-5 Visa.

The processing time of the EB-5 visa usually takes around one year. After the investment is made in a business, it is incumbent on the investor to create 10 full-time jobs, either directly or indirectly.

It is not mandatory that the investor needs to be involved in daily operations of the company, but that individual must hold a key position in that company.

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