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Why Career Counseling?

Career Counselling

With Career Counselling, people will better understand what their strengths and weaknesses are.

By knowing this, one can take a decision of working in a country where there is a suitable opportunity for that person.

Career counsellors, on the other hand, help fresh graduates or experienced people to make a move to an appropriate destination.

In addition, rather being a manpower consultant, a career counselor can also make people who are stuck in their careers switches they can make.

On the other career counselling for students helps them decide what studies they should pursue.

In addition to all these, you get help while preparing your resume, tips on how to face an interview, how to negotiate for a better salary, where students are most likely get scholarships and so on.

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Travelling from Chennai to Singapore

Singapore jobs from a Chennai Consultancy

People from Chennai wanting to visit Singapore need to apply for a visa, regardless of the reason they want to head to the island country.

Visit Visa for Singapore is relevant for those wanting to visit the island country to visit their family and friends or on a holiday. Referred to a short-term visit pass, one needs to submit a completed Form 14A.

Other documents include a photocopied bio-data page of the applicant’s passport, completed Form V39A, with a letter of introduction for a visa application and a Singapore identity card of the visitor’s local contact there. To be a local contact, one ought to be a permanent resident or a citizen of Singapore.

If they want to work in Singapore, they must apply for an Employment Visa (Employment Pass) and need to be earning $3,330 per month to be eligible for it.

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Why You Must Choose A Career Advisor Online

Career Advisor and Consultant Online

The advantages of choosing a Career Advisor and Consultant Online are diverse and multiple. Here is a real life experience of Madeline Buxton who chose for availing services of an online career consultant, as quoted by the

Madeline Buxton became doubtful regarding her choice of a career in print media that was a carefully planned path by her. It felt like a mini-crisis and she shared this situation with her mother. Her mother advised her to consult a career counselor and this seemed to be logical enough to Madeline.

There is no dearth today for a career consultant. What’s more, it is even easy to access the counselors who are millennial-minded. It is advisable to opt for career advice sites that are reputed and leading in the market.

Ms. Buxton had to make a choice from diverse services for Career Counseling. This included resume review services, Career Q and A for 30 minutes and Job search strategy session. Each of these services involved telephonic or Skype sessions and counselors were of three levels – mentor, coach, and master coach, all distinguished by price.

Madeline opted for a Career Q and A for 30 minutes and chose a mentor level coach and career strategist Joy Lin. Lin instantly sent an e-mail to schedule a slot for Google hang out as she was based in Los Angeles and Madeline was based in New York.

Lin advised Madeline to take up twin personality assessment tests of Workuno Strengths Test and Myers-Briggs prior to their call.

Though 30 minutes is not a much time to deal with career aspects, Lin facilitated a focused conversation, said Madeline. She asked several questions regarding what Madeline enjoyed in her previous work profiles. Not all the questions were easy to answer but it did persuade her to dwell deep about what she valued in a job.

 Lin offered advice to Madeline that was actionable. It was highlighted by Lin that Madeline had high ‘student’ strength implying that she would flourish well in a start-up ambiance with bustling activity and high learning curve.

Before it was 24 hours Madeline was e-mailed specific exercises and summary notes by Lin. This also included things to do, creating a table of non-negotiable features for the next job and researching roles of people that she was more inclined to learn from.

Madeline said that the session made her feel more secure about her career steps and assured that she was making an informed and well-assessed decision. It was really reassuring, added Madeline.

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Canada Visa Application and Interview Process

Visa Application and Interview Process

Overseas immigrants who arrive in Canada will have to undergo through two rounds of the interview process. The Visa Application and Interview Process will be a smooth sail for those overseas immigrants who have all the documents in order and handy.

The typical questions asked in the second round of interview include:

  • Are there any accompanying family members with you?
  • Has your native nation convicted you of any serious crime?
  • What is your planned period of stay in Canada?
  • How much of hard cash is present with you?
  • Do you possess sound health?
  • Did you come to Canada earlier and were you asked to exit?

The two rounds of interviews will be conducted by different CBSA officers. The officer conducting your second round of interview will scrutinize your belongings. You may work with the same officer in both the rounds of interviews in some ports of entry.

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The pathway to choose the best career counselling in India

Best Career Counselling in India

The wide ranging options available today to students are nothing but overwhelming. The aim of every parent and student is to make an appropriate and accurate career decision. Opting for the Best Career Counsellors in India is thus on the top of their minds.

It is desirable to be sure of the career counsellor or mentor who is chosen prior to making the most crucial decision in the life of a student – the choice of career. There is a wide range of career guidance platforms and portals that are available to the aspiring students. These associations are attempting to give clarity to the career choice of the students.

It is advisable for both the parents and students seeking career counseling that they make themselves absolutely sure regarding the counselor’s credibility. Career counselors have mushroomed today everywhere and these lack expert knowledge, experience, and credentials.

The assessments and tests that are used at the career counseling center must be confirmed. They must be enquired regarding the validity, reliability, and norms of the tests. The tests that are utilized at the majority of the centers are based on the methodology of overseas experts. The counselors must be asked regarding the validity of these tests for students in India.

If the career counselling is availed through an inexperienced counselor, it can be confusing and extremely tiring. The best Career Counselling in India should assist you to:

  • Enhance your awareness regarding latest diverse career options
  • Address specific queries for diverse fields
  • Facilitate in making a career choice

Below are the vital aspects of career counseling:

Awareness of Career – This will enhance the students’ understanding and knowledge of diverse career options across multiple fields.

Comprehending Oneself – This step enables students to comprehend their interests, personality, and abilities. It could be facilitated through a psychometric career assessment.

Accurate Career Choice – The next step is arriving at the accurate choice of the career for the student. This must be appropriate suiting the interests, personality, and abilities. It is done through a one-on-one counseling.

Planning for University/College – The last step after one has zeroed the choice of a field or career is preparing for selection and admission process the university/college.

An expert mentor or career coach is the one who comprehends the strength, career needs and the gives appropriate career counselling. The career advice must be such that it accentuates the chances of a thriving career in any chosen field.

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Emerging unconventional careers for students as revealed by best career counsellors in India

Career Guide

Just a few years ago none would have imagined about careers that could involve nuances of DNA, animated cartoon character movies or even party or wedding planners. Full-time jobs as a Social worker or planning travel itineraries were also unheard of. Today these are one amongst the most happening and exciting career prospects. Collating the advice of the Best Career Counsellors in India, here is a brief write-up regarding the emerging unconventional careers for students.

Opting for a career is the most crucial decision of an individual’s life. However, more often than not it is based on parental and societal pressures, scarce knowledge and professional aspirations that are unrealistic. Even irrelevant emotional factors at times influence the career decision of many students.

It is also advised by several best career counsellors in India that individuals must develop out-of-the box thinking. They must discover their strengths, prospects and be realistic regarding career opportunities and choices. Unconventional thinking is not merely a sign of ability of the mind. It requires a lot of creativity, boldness, and mental ability to explore options beyond one’s comfort zone, as quoted by the Businessinsider.

Some of the most promising careers include choices in Genetics, Animation, Web designing, Mass Communication, Biotechnology, Software engineering, Fashion designing and Healthcare.

Environmentalist, Fitness expert, Pet grooming, Adventure sports mentor, Alternative healing, Museum curator, Voice trainer, Food critic, Photography, Animal trainers, Vegetable and Fruit carving are also amongst the most exciting and promising careers for the future generation.

Each of the above careers has reasonable share of challenges and responsibilities. They are also rewarding in terms of the good pay package, opportunity to prove oneself, flexibility and creative satisfaction.

It is advisable that students who are at crossroads take the assistance career counsellors for discovering the most suitable careers for them.

The skills, interests, and talents of any individual are unique which must form the basis for opting for a career. Developing the required skills and knowing the abilities must be the basis to target the field of job prospects. Knowing one’s abilities and choosing the preferred skills for opting for a career is the most powerful and exciting thing for an individual.

Students today must get done a critical analysis of strengths, skills, interests, and hobbies from one of best career counsellors in India and work in a direction guided by these factors. To quote Winston Churchill ‘There is no idea that can be considered bizarre for not considering worthy of search but however with a steady eye’.

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Top 10 aspects that a career counselling can help you with

Career Counselling in Hyderabad

Career counseling or career guidance is meant to assist people with deciding, switching or quitting a career and can be opted for at any stage in one’s life. Career is one of the most crucial features of adult life. Commencing a fresh career irrespective it is for the first or second time and anytime after that can be really stressful. A Career Counselling in Hyderabad is now opted for by several individuals for these reasons.

A career guide can assist by discussing and outlining the potential career options for the individuals. Discovering a fulfilling career is very crucial for mental health as work related stress leads to depression or anxiety. The services of a career counselor will be very useful to find out the most suitable career or switching careers if the existing one is frustrating or unsatisfying.

A career counselor is trained to offer resources for career information and deliberate on the development of an individual’s career. The counselor will also be able to interpret and administer ability and aptitude assessments.

Students can opt for a career advice for deciding college level education or swapping majors. Career counseling is also available for anyone who desires to switch careers, stop working altogether or even discover ways to enhance satisfaction in the existing career itself.

Opting for a career a crucial thing and it may become cumbersome too. It may be not at all simple to decide the best kind of job suited to oneself. Career Counselling assists people to gauge their desires, needs and skill sets to decide on an appropriate career.

A career guide assists individuals by helping them to answer several questions related to deciding the most suitable career. The below are top ten aspects that will facilitate to narrow your focus for a career decision:

  • What do you enjoy in your work?
  • What are the activities that are fulfilling and exciting for you?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are your skill sets?
  • What is the scope of your educational credentials?
  • How much of earnings will make you feel satisfied?
  • What are the varieties of jobs available for you in your place of residence?
  • Do you like to travel?
  • What are your values?
  • Are you looking for a challenging role or an easy going one?

It is thus advisable to opt for career coach prior to choosing a permanent career. Researching the wide range of prospective careers can really be an arduous task.  A career counselor will be able to offer priceless information on diverse career areas and other career related aspects.

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