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Documents Required for Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa

The Canada student visa permits an individual to arrive in Canada as a full-time regular student at an accredited university, college or institution in Canada. In Canada, the student visa is also popular as the Study Permit.

Overseas student applicants for this visa must be registered in a study program that results in a certificate, diploma or degree. The institution that has accepted them must also be included in the list of designated institutions authorized by the CIC. The documents required for Canada Student Visa for overseas student applicants are:

  • A copy of the valid passport
  • Photographs of passport size
  • Letter of acceptance that is unconditional
  • Receipt of the fees paid
  • Letter offering scholarship if so applicable
  • Any correspondence with the institution in Canada relevant for visa application
  • Monetary documents
  • Documents of academics
  • Scores of tests
  • Certificates of work experience if applicable
  • Medical reports if already done

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Cheapest Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Cheapest Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Affordable overseas education that is looking for the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students is the fast emerging preferred option for many students. If you are looking for nations that offer affordable education for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree you can opt for Germany or France. You can also look out for Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden but you will need proficiency in a specific language for a smooth admission and study visa process.

Many students will be actually surprised to learn that free of cost or very minimal cost high-quality education is offered by France for students across the globe. Most of the options for the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students are in the developed European nations.

If you are also looking for affordable overseas education then you must carefully consider your options including the ones that are suggested here. You can learn regarding the options for free of cost or minimal cost education at diverse overseas nations is it in the US, Australia, Scandinavian nations, Norwegian nations or European countries. Germany is one of the renowned nations in the world that offers global standards education at minimal costs.

Your top options for affordable or free cost high-quality overseas education must be Germany, Norway or Sweden. The Undergraduate degree courses in Norway are mostly having the Norwegian language as the medium of instruction. Norway is also one of the cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian students. You will thus need to exhibit your proficiency in this language.

Sweden and Denmark offer free cost education to students from EU and Switzerland. Iceland does not charge any tuition fee for students from Nordic nations such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Germany offers education to overseas students for Undergraduate courses free of cost. You will, however, be required to reveal the income of your family to demonstrate that your living expenses and accommodation will be borne by the family.

Below is the list of top ten affordable Overseas Education destinations for Indian students. You can choose from a wide variety of courses and programs and these nations are safe in every way for you without burdening your pockets.

Germany China
Denmark Belgium
Spain Finland
Mexico France
Taiwan Turkey

Few more other most affordable countries to study abroad for Indian students

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Top 5 Affordable Universities for Overseas Students in Northeast US

Cheapest Universities in the World for International Students

Below is the list of top 5 affordable Universities for Overseas Education in Northeast US. This will be of much benefit for those students looking for cheapest universities in the world for international students.

  1. University at Buffalo – SUNY, Buffalo, New York

A part of the New York State University, the University at Buffalo has a broad international reach having several global programs. It has more than 5000 overseas students from 115 nations across the world, is situated at the border of Canada. Many cultural programs including exclusive seven days orientation for students are present in the university.

  1. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Since 1998, the number of overseas students at Harvard University has increased by more than 38%. Currently, international students from more than 130 nations study in the university. Apart from this, the strength of students from Harvard University has increased doubly after 2002. Offices of the university are also located outside the US that includes Brazil and Chile, as quoted by the Great value colleges.

  1. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

Owing to the large aid packages of the Princeton University it is an affordable choice for the students. Davis International Center at the university offers resources and assistance to students to integrate into the society in the US. Princeton University also has a busy calendar of international event. It also boats of an art museum that has a large collection from across the world.

  1. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Around 2, 249 overseas students study at the Yale University. This is 18% of the total student population comprising of the professional and graduate schools. Students from 118 nations arrive at this university that includes Italy, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Germany, UK, India, South Korea, Canada, and China. Yale University has a career planning center, employment services and options for funds.

  1. Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York

Students from diverse destinations such as Germany, Morocco, Australia, and Turkey arrive at the Binghamton University for their higher education. It offers incoming exchange support, and support for students for dual-diploma. The university also has an exclusive academic advising center for students and several international study opportunities. It is listed amongst the elite public universities in the US and out-of-state tuition devoid of scholarship is not much costly.

Also know few more other most affordable & Cheapest Universities in the World for International Students.

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Career counseling – transforming the lives of youth

Career Counselling for Students.png

The career decision is the point where the not-so knowledgeable, confused and immature teenagers have to make one of the most crucial decisions of their life. Being ambiguous about career choices is but natural. This decision will impact not just your finances but also where you will spend three-fourths of your adult life.

Career Counselling for Students is transforming the lives of youth and assisting them with setting goals for their career endeavors. The best way to find the most appropriate and accurate career path for you are with the expert guidance of career counseling which is also a scientific method. In the era of digitization when life has been simplified with fingertips, geographical location is no restraint today. There are career counseling services that are available online to suit your requirements.

Aspiring students can get immediate answers to all their career related issues from career counselors through live call sessions. They also help students to assess their aptitude and interests through psychometric career assessments for all age categories.

Here is an instance of Anuya whose career was given an appropriate direction through career counseling. She was unsure about her career choice after her Class X studies. Her parents were keen on mathematics and science as she was the class topper but Anuya was unsure.

Upon taking personality and aptitude tests from a career counselor, it was revealed that Anuya had very strong creative faculty. Nevertheless, her parents enrolled her in the since stream and she fared very well in the Class XII exams. As Anuya was uninterested in engineering, her parents obligated her to take up medicine. But she was keen on writing. Notwithstanding the frequent efforts of the counselor, her parents again forced her to take up MBBS, as quoted by the Bengaluru Citizen Matters.

After MBBS, Anuya’s parents were keen on her continuing with medicine. It was here that she refused to give away to their persuasion. She returned to the career counselors with enhanced determination this time.

Anuya was keen on pursuing a career associated with children and writing. After counseling, she pursued her Master’s degree in Child Psychology. Simultaneously she kept on writing for diverse publications associated with children’s issues and child psychology. Today she is the editor of a Delhi based leading medical journal. She writes columns on issues related to health of children.

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Top 3 Countries Offering Free Education to International Students

Countries Offering Free Education to International Students

There are many countries offering free education to international students and several others that offer affordable higher Overseas Education to students. These nations either offer education for free or very minimal cost to overseas students.

Below are the top 3 countries offering free education to international students:


Increased numbers of overseas students arrive in Germany every year for their higher education. It is largely owing to the fact that German public universities do not charge any undergraduate tuition fees. This holds good both for local and overseas students. To cover administrative costs just 250-150 Euros are charged as nominal university fee, as quoted by the Top Universities Com.

The low cost of study along with the strong economy in Germany and world-class higher education system attracts students globally. It is thus extremely appealing for students to pursue their higher studies in Germany. In fact, that latest report of the HSBC for ‘Value of Education’ lists Germany as one among the top 5 nations globally for the perceived standard of education amongst the parents who participated in the survey.


France is not as popular as Germany when it comes to affordable or low-cost education for overseas students. However, expat students will be surprised to learn that they can pursue their higher studies in France at very low cost or free irrespective of their nationality.

Technically public universities in France do charge university fee but it is minimal when compared to the majority of the nations. It is just 184 Euros annually for covering administrative costs at the undergraduate level. Additional costs can hike this amount especially for specific programs such as engineering or medicine but not drastically.

Nordic Nations:

Nordic nations in Northern Europe boast of some of the sophisticated higher education systems globally. They are extremely popular for their liberal politics, stunning nature and high quality of life. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark that comprise of the Nordic nations offer low-cost or free education to all overseas students.

University study is available free of cost to all students irrespective of their nationality or level of study in Norway. Most of the undergraduate programs are imparted instruction only in Norwegian. Overseas students must offer evidence of proficiency in the Norwegian language for undergraduate level studies.

Also know few more other Countries Offering Free Education to International Students.

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Career Counseling Assists Individuals in Diverse Ways

Study Abroad Counselling

Career Counseling must be chosen if you feel that your official process for appraisal is more a formality. It is the right time to take control of your career and go for a confidential and personalized session for Career counseling. For professional zealous to take their career to new heights, it makes more sense to take up career counseling from a competent counselor.

Career Counselling for Students assists the individuals to take a decision on the choice of career. They can offer the best possible direction to aspiring individuals. This holds good irrespective of whether the person is a fresher to work, or decides to swap careers.

The Counselors assess the clients by understanding their specifics in order to give appropriate counseling for choosing the right career. This includes interviews to determine their personality traits, underlying drive, and skills. They make a thorough analysis of the interests, personality, skills, education, and employment of the client to ensure best possible results. These details are accessed through exhaustive one-on-one sessions with the clients. The information obtained is then applied for searching relevant jobs via available resources and technology, as quoted by the Sokanu Com.

Career guidance counselors possess diverse details such as average salary for diverse fields, required skills, and requirements applicable to respective professions. Upon assessing the client for suitability, they then match them with appropriate field matching their personality and skills. They thus create a most lucrative match that is possible with respect to monetary earnings and job satisfaction.

Study Abroad Counselling

Counselors just do not match the client with a suitable profession and leave them in their journey ahead. They work along with them assisting them for right job search and locating resources to strengthen skills required for the job chosen.

A good Counselor goes beyond the way to invest time for every individual client to ensure a satisfactory and methodical result. Many counselors pursue higher learning so as to offer the most updated and advanced results to their clients. They assist their clients in carving out a niche in their professional life and having a successful career.

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Career Counseling – a Gateway to Successful, Happier and Fulfilling Work Life

Career Counselling for Students

In the age of competition getting tougher with each day, professionals are at times caught in a tumult and require direction in their mid-career. At this juncture, Study Abroad Counselling can open a gateway to successful, happier and fulfilling work life.

Professionals at mid-career have sufficient experience in their work life. They possess diverse skills, abilities, and are matured as individuals. Career counselor plans a smooth transition at their current career levels based on their abilities, skills, unique personality as well as network. They can thus be led to a targeted and fulfilling work life where the process of growth can be re-started.

Corporate professionals are always required to upgrade themselves and be prepared to take up leadership roles and higher responsibilities. Having right attitude, being consistent, and putting persistent efforts for achieving goals is very crucial for these professionals. To enable the corporate professionals to develop themselves they also need to be equipped with diverse communication aspects and soft skills.

Career Counselling for Students and professionals enable facing mid-career challenges to enhance productivity and allaying fears of job insecurity and stagnation. They facilitate to revive enthusiasm and zest in you by aligning your past experience and personality with amazing opportunities for the future.

Mid-career is a change over phase for professionals that help them to comprehend themselves and build dreams for their next career innings. They can avail service of Career Counseling to engage past experiences, networks, and affiliations channelizing them for career growth. This is done by:

  • Understanding and identifying your core strengths
  • Reshape your career systematically via transition process
  • Eliminating confusion and helping you take confident proactive decisions
  • Utilize your past experience and current skills to achieve amazing success in your second career

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