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Brief introduction to EB-5 visa


Eligible for EB-5 visas are applicants who are ready to invest $1million or $500,000 in a new business in the US in a ‘target employment area’. The business could be owned by two people also jointly.

Before one makes an investment, the entrepreneur should show sources from where he/she has procured all the capital. It is also necessary that it should been acquired legally. With EB-5 visa, people and their immediate families can become PRs (Permanent Residents) of the US. Children below the age of 21 years are also eligible to be included in the application for EB-5 Visa.

The processing time of the EB-5 visa usually takes around one year. After the investment is made in a business, it is incumbent on the investor to create 10 full-time jobs, either directly or indirectly.

It is not mandatory that the investor needs to be involved in daily operations of the company, but that individual must hold a key position in that company.

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